Rolling Stone · Daughter of Michael Jackson, and Paris will be the Jesus in the new movie


Paris Jacksonthe daughter of pop icon Michael Jackson, interprets this to mean Jesus in a new production of the world. The film Habitit was written before the decree of the official of quarantine in the United States, and is currently in post-production.

Paris it has a brief career as an actress, and has participated in the full-length feature film Gringothe series Starthe video for the song “Rescue Me”, the band’s 30 Seconds to Mars.

In an interview with the Fox Newsthe manufacturer Donovan Leitch he revealed that the director of the film,the Janell Shirtcliffmodeled on the Quentin Tarantino to make the story of the hand of the writer Suki Kaiser.

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Leitch it also confirmed the presence of the Bella Thorne the cast of characters. The american actress will be considered for a woman with a fetish for religious, especially Jesus, who masquerades as a nun to run away from an agreement on on on drugs.

“[Jesus] visit[onthecharacterofthe[apersonagemdeNice]on a few occasions, a different one,” said the farmer.

The cast is also composed by the musicians Josie Ho, Gavin Rossdale, Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart the model Andreja Spot In Mock Draft.

Habityou still don’t have a date for the premiere.