Rolling Stone magazine · is a Fan of the Matrix? 4 movies you should be watching if you love the classic franchise


While the new feature is not released, and here are five excellent productions

Launched in 1999, the The Matrixthe classic, directed by Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne it has become one of the film’s action and science-fiction’s most popular film, and to this day remains relevant. For example, the sequences The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions they were not very well received by the critics, but still earned a good box office.

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This yearKeanu Reeves reprisará its role as the Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss it will return as a Trinity and The Matrix4 it will be released in the near future. While the film is being released, the CinemaBlend list of 4 movies for people who love the franchise:

Equilibrium (2002)

For fans of the The Matrixare going to like it? Produced by Christian Bale, The Equilibriumit features a futuristic setting, depressing and dark that dwells within a population is unintentionally handled, the action sequences and highly stylized with long coats, which make up a large part of the costume, suspense, and futuristic, and the production seems like it is a direct descendant of the The Matrix.

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Tron (1982)

For fans of the The Matrix are going to like it? On the contrary in the franchise, at the time of the Tronthe visual effects in the experimental of this classic, not age. In addition to this, the story follows a computer hacker and a champion, are you? ” called the Kevin, So Sorry For Your Loss (Jeff Bridgesthat should be competing in the games in which they dominated, when it is hijacked by the digital world.

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John Wick: Parabellum (2019)

For fans of the The Matrixare going to like it? In addition to the cast of the beloved Keanu Reevesthe movies John Wick they are highly acclaimed by the action of the revolutionary and intelligent, building a world, a society, an underground that imposes the view of.

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The Pit (2019)

For fans of the The Matrix are going to like it? The world is dystopian, presented at the Well it brings a state prison was built vertically, with an unknown number of cells with two inmates each, and one deck down from the top, which leads to the foods that are only so many levels, but on a mission searching for a way to change it.

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