Rolling Stone magazine · Marcao of the People, as the host of the SHOW, suggests, ‘the concentration camp’ for the treatment of people with coronavirus


“I think it’s going to get back everything to normal … it Is an idea, here is a hint,” said the reporter, to live in the program’s early Impacts

The host of the show The First Impactthe SHOW, Marcao of the People he suggested that it would be built “concentration camps” to isolate people who are infected with the new coronaviruses.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to pick up, for example, setting up a camp, with equipment, with the best staff and the place of these people with the problems and symptoms?”, he told the reporter. “This is the business of the several governors, that it’s not even a case that has been tried and tested in the state and declared a disaster. The state has no need to declare a disaster? Don’t have it!”, he said.

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Marcao of the People he also advocated the opening up of commerce in the country, so that everything will go back to functioning “normally”, according to the orders of the Jair Jair Bolsonaro.

“The lord, the[[Jair bolsonaro]he is the president of the Republic, and gives the order put the army on the streets, that’s where the governor is in breach of… the sugar cane. It mounts to a field in a suitable location and dealing with the people there. The shops are open and it will work all normally, not to need this business to distribute cash and all of the world to be living like this,” he said.

“It’s an idea that I’m giving you, people can agree or disagree, the President can either accept or not accept. I think I will go back to normal, ‘let’s’ re all over the world to work, life is going to go. It’s an idea, get the hint!”

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Watch the video Marcao of the People below: