Rolling Stone magazine · the Cast of Friends, recorded secretly in a special virtual, it reveals a british newspaper


The fans Friends they may have been left disappointed after a meeting of the squad has been delayed because of the pandemic coronaviruses. However, according to a report in the journal The Sun, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry. and David Schwimmer recorded secretly in a special on-line the full 90 minutes.

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Apparently Cox did a “test drill” along with the director Ben Winston for the application of video conferencing, Zoom in and out. Also, it has been revealed that the special will be released in advance of the meeting, which has now been discontinued for an undetermined period of time.

A source from the programme told the british newspaper: “as soon As the shoot was cancelled, everyone started to panic, because it took them so long to line up your schedules, there is a deep fear that you were taking a year or more to get it back.”

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Courteney it immediately held a meeting, at the Zoom, for all to connect and discuss ideas,” the source added.

They have daily meetings and Just [[Aniston]- who has the agenda, one of the most important of the six, he assured that he will do his best to film the meeting, ( … ), The sessions, the Zoom was fun, and there’s a material that’s hilarious, that they would expect to disclose, in a series of teasers, or even as a special one-off ‘ basis, he said.

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The new launch date for the meeting, which will be displayed in the HBO’s Maxhas not yet been announced.