Rolling Stone magazine · the Shows can only go back in September 2021, ‘security’, believes an expert from the New York Times


The contention against the coronavirus that is crucial, and with the settlements are the latest in the list to return to

Zeke Emanuelvice provost and director of the Healthcare Transformation Institute (eli) of the University of Pennsylvania, according to the The New York Times on the on-going coronavirus, the methods of containment and how to minimize the damage to the economy. However, the expert was not positive as to the return of the event to the city, such as concerts and festivals around the world.

For the academic meeting as well as must not take place before September or October, 2021, “at the very least. […] We need to do, step by step. First, in areas that will allow us to lower the risk of death, re – […] The places where you can get a 2-metre distance from another person, they should go back in the past.”

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“Meetings in the major conferences, shows, and sporting events – they all want to rebook for October and the year 2020… I have No idea how they think that this is a possibility is plausible. These will be the last to return,

For him, it will first have to go back to restaurants with wide open spaces. So, the schools, and offices – anything-and-distance. If there is, again, as in the case of illness, it is expected that the insulation prior to the coronaviruses to make the spread.

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