Rosario Dawson did not confirm line-up for The Mandalorian


Even though a lot of fans were already celebrating in the line-up of Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano on the second season of the The Mandalorianshe stressed in an interview that her presence in the series has not yet been passed into law. Giving you the credit, with a possible cameo appearance in the production of the Lucasfilm/Disney+ for the fans, and Dawson said he’s excited to be “confirmed at some point” (via And).

It has not yet been confirm, but when it does, I will be very happyit, ” said the actress. In the same interview, Dawson revealed his desire to be a part of another larger universe of sci-fi: Star Trek. To admit that I would love to be a vulcan, or a romulan, the actress said that it would be great to play a new version of the entity Q, which can be lived by their original John de Lancie.

It would be great, because I couldn’t go to the edge of Discovery. Will be able to appear in the Picard. I am a want to be close to the Jean-Luc Picard” joked Dawson, who said that if you retire as an actor so I could act on the franchise Star Wars: Clone Wars and Star Trek.

The applicant in the universe Star Wars: Clone Wars for over a decade now, Ahsoka Tano was a disciple of kenobi, Skywalker, Luke’s father, who has, during his training in the academy. The character, however, is one of the few to not be assigned to any of the sides of the Force, the jedi, a neutral (white). To be introduced in the Mandalorian it makes a lot of sense, considering that the program is Dave Filonithe creator of the animation The Clone Wars and Rebelsin it, the character was very well developed.

There is still no official confirmation of that choice. In the past, Dawson was already revealed to be a fan of the character, and that toparia to interpret them on canvas.

The first period ended in the United States The Mandalorian you should only get when the Disney application, it is freed up in the country. The story is about a mandalorian bounty hunter, played by Pedro Pascal. In the first of the year, he is faced with the task of delivering an intelligent creature, it is a baby of a race of Yoda’s. If you refuse to do so, he needs to escape and find a safe place for a child.

The second season of the hit series is set to debut in the us between September and December.