Tattoo-the-Maori-The-Rock-is-full-of-meanings; understand,


On April 13, – Dwayne Johnson (the Rock is a Hollywood actor who stars in many blockbuster movies such as Fast and Furious, and Jumanji. The artist, well-known for their big, physical, strong, has a large tattoo that covers part of the arm, shoulder, and chest, and that it is full of meaning. Find out more below about the tattoo Maori The Rock.

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Tattoo Dwayne Johnson, has been made with special techniques

Burning in the skin of the artist was made famous because of the many details in it, as well as its sheer size. According to The Rock his tattoo, it was done in one session that lasted approximately 60 hours.

The technique used is, in fact, the use of the technique of the samoan, which represents the life of the one who is tattooed from his family and from his spiritual guides. Therefore, these tattoos are full of symbolism and mystical, and full of mouth.

Tattoo-the-Maori-The-Rock-is-full-of-meanings; understand,
Tattoo-the-Maori-The-Rock-is-full-of-meanings; understand,

Still, the realization that the tattoo was done free hand, or free hand. This technique does not make use of a stencil placed on the skin which guide to the tattoo artist at the time of the burning on the skin, followed by a freely according to the movements of the artist’s work.

Tattoo Maori The Rock

A tattoo of this star of the film, and an ex-pro wrestler as it is, it is full of meaning.

According to his own words The Rock tattoo maori it includes a sun, which represents good fortune, also, to the two eyes represent the consciousness of the ancestors, and the face surrounded by the teeth of a shark to represent the force.

Therefore, it is possible to, as well as Johnson, choosing a tattoo design-Maori, which go far beyond the beauty and the shapes are interesting, but they are also full of meaning and symbolism.