The next album, Lindsay Lohan is the most autobiographical, but you’ll have dancing songs – Notes – Glamurama


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Following the release of the first single “Back to Me” at the beginning of this month, Lindsay Lohan told in the interview to the New York Post that her next album will be a mix of tracks to dance with the music, the lyrics almost autobiographical. The release date of the album, the third album from her, has not been set yet, but most likely it will be this year.

LiLo, who turns 34 in July, has explained in conversation with the staff of the “Post” is that your best memories are those that are in their mid-twenties, at which time she was living in California, and, at one time or another, fell on the town on the side of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Or was he arrested for drunken driving over there…

To be taken as a guarantee in Hollywood, so it estorou in the “Friday the Crazy”, comedy 2003, Lohan immediately went to the team of artists who give themselves over to stories for the messes that they put by their work, and since then he lives and trying for a new lease in the heart of show business – so far, to no avail. (For The Anderson’s Market)


It gives up a play here to listen to the new single ” from the LiLo: