The role of the influence of digital in the face of a pandemic, ” the Planet Worksheet

We are facing an epidemic, which causes people to spend more time on the internet, especially on social networking sites. After all, they are in a social isolation, or quarantine, at home, and they needed to change their lives dramatically, because they can’t get out of the house.

At this point, those who generate content online is a good opportunity for us to reach a greater number of people. This is the case of the influential and microinfluenciadores digital, followed by 71% of brazilians, according to a study conducted by the Qualibest. The same study shows that more than half of people (55 per cent) reported that they search for the opinions of influencers before they make a purchase. That is, the influencers play a very important role in digital communication, especially to the younger generation.

These content producers are expected to use this reach, with much of the responsibility for passing on relevant information. You need to have double the amount of care taken with the content being shared, since they are both opinion leaders and followers to really consider what you hear from an influencer.

In this sense, these profiles, Instagram or YouTube you can, not only to disseminate the entertainment, but it is also important information about the pandemic, and the virus, and a positive message.

Some of the celebrities are already doing this, by promoting the live shows through social networks, making the relationship with your fans and followers.

Even the World Health Organization (WHO), are you using the Tik Tok campaign #SafeHandsthe sharing of jokes, and dance with famous people. An example of this is the singer Mariah Carey, who has made a video showing how we need to wash your hands for at least 40 seconds in order to avoid contamination.

While some of the influencers you are trying to get a ride in a situation to win, liking, posting a photo of the mask, without having contracted the disease, for example, are actually tainted, as is the case with the Di, Ferrero, Preta Gil, Gabriela Pugliesi and Fernanda Paes Leme.

The opinion must, therefore, follow a plan of content that is specific to this period of time, because it is important to be consistent and to adapt their productions to the present-day reality. You need to have double the amount of care taken with the content being shared at this time. And here is a hint: you review your brand position, and then redraw their strategies. In addition to this, they do not focus only on the now, but already, the trace objective in the post-crisis, but the hiv pandemic is going to go, and any of the digital channel you will need to reposition itself to continue to have a brand name established in the market.

Author: Maria Carolina, and the city, is a professor of Marketing in the University Center for International Kejii.