The Selection will be adapted by Netflix


The Netflix has announced that it is going to adapt the book The Selectionof Kiera Cassfor a feature film. Director Haifaa Al-Mansour (Happiness is hanging by a tread) will oversee the project, which has been in pre-production and doesn’t yet have a date for it to be released (via the And).

The book The Selection this is the first of a series consists of five publications. Launched in 2012, it shows a future dystopian, in which 35 girls are chosen for a competition to win the heart of prince Maxon Schreave. These young people are America Singer, a girl who didn’t want to be a part of the competition, and, in the first instance, you do not get along well with the prince. Over time, however, the two begin to have romantic feelings for each other.

The franchise also includes books The Top, The Choice Of, The Heiress and The Crownin addition to the derivative Happily-Ever-Afterwith tales of stars by the coajuvantes.

“We are thrilled to be working with Netflix to bring these beloved books to life for a fan base that is as loyal and in love with him. Author Kiera Cass has created a fantasy, fascinating, and whose message of empowerment and authenticity is more relevant than ever today.”said the company’s Denise Di Novi.

In social networks, the author of Kiera Cass he stated that there is still no news on the cast, and that the project is in the phase of writing, and that, at present, she is working on the following The Betrothedanother post: