The star of the Marvel comics, whether it’s partnership with marvel comics in the MCU


The Like the original, the Hulk is one of the last of the survivors. For this reason, in the future, the artist-hero, Mark ruffalo’s hairstyles, or new partnerships.

In an interview with Variety, the actor has commented that I would love to see the Hulk with a partnership with marvel comics. In the comic books of Marvel comics, this is the case, with the two having a confrontation.

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“Perhaps, “the Hulk”, and marvel comics you could find,” said the actor.

The X-Men are a reality in the MCU, the universe of film from the Marvel universe. The group returned to the studio from the publishing company after Disney bought the Fox.

Well, it’s just a matter of time for the mutants to appear in the MCU. Of the Marvel universe for a while, and hide it when it will be introduced.

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The other point that has not yet cleared it with the team. The Wolverine is very highly anticipated in the MCU, but there is not yet a name to live, and the hero of the X-Men.

The same Name, the artist that created the original game on Fox, and is considered to be perfect for the role, since he stated that he retired as a Wolverine. The last night of the actor who was in Boston (2017).

And with that, the Wolverine should win the new artist. Many of the names that have been mentioned in rumors, but Marvel has not confirmed any yet.

The favorite of the moment, the paper seems to be Taron Egerton, the Rocketman, and the Henry, Cavill, Superman in the DC.

As well as the X-Men don’t have a forecast for the introduction of the Hulk, still doesn’t know when to back out of the MCU. One possibility is that the series for she-Hulk, but Mark ruffalo’s hairstyles are still negotiating their participation.

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