The study points out that, in Brazil, only 0.9% of the cases, the Covid-19 has been identified


Millions of people are infected with the new coronavirus might be out of the statistics authority, indicates a study from the University of Göttingen in Germany, published on Tuesday (7th).

The scientists responsible for the study of the Christian Bommer, and Sebastian Vollmer, have estimated that only about 6% of the infections have been detected all over the world. In Brazil, the percentage would be of only 0,95%.

This would help to explain, at least in part, on the mortality rate of the virus varies so much from one country to the other.

Other data that varies a lot between countries, it is the time that elapses between the detection of the infection and the patient’s death, in spite of all of the patients had been infected with the same virus, the Sars-Cov-2.

Insufficient testing can explain why it is that Italy and Spain have rates of mortality are much higher than in Germany. Scientists have estimated that in Germany is reported by 15.6% of all infections, while in Italy, reported a mere 3.5 percent, and in Spain, by 1.7%.

According to them, the detection rates are lower in the united states (up 1.6%) and the United Kingdom (up 1.2%). All of the percentages refer to the situation as at 31 march each year.

Scientists have estimated that the actual number of infections in Germany, 460 million. In the United States, the total would be more than 11 million people. Italy would be the 3 million who were infected in Spain, more than 5 million, and the United Kingdom, approximately 2 million people.

In Brazil, the actual number of cases would be about 602 billion, while the Ministry of Health has recorded only 5.717, on the 31st day of march.

In South Korea, one of the first countries to implement the tests on a bulk, I would have discovered half of what there is in the country, the researchers said – 9.786 total real 19.782.

On the 31st of march, the Johns Hopkins University in the United States, which maintains a count of cases and deaths from coronavirus around the world, has recorded a less than 1 in a million times all over the world.

“These results show that the leaders and policy makers should be very cautious when interpreting the numbers of cases for the purposes of the plan,” he said to Sebastian Vollmer.