The X-Men And Jack Black to take on the role of Wolverine?


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The X-Men, Jack Black, and Wolverine. in the same breath, and I am not talking about an episode of the crossover, this is what the fans think of the actor as the next The Wolverine.

After all, it is more difficult to set whom he will To do what it takes to hit those numbers in the lottery. So, if you ever get up to the chance of the next one The X-men. being, among other Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, and Taron Egerton why don’t you Black? In fact, all the other images of the probable Logans it can be seen from here.

As you know, the fans Wolverine & the Black they spared no effort to imagine the actor as the character.

Before you do anything else, you see here a few of the posts.

the x-men

I must confess that I was surprised from him as super-human strength, even that was not so bad, what do you guys think?

Among other comments, the pictures, yielded a few, such as:

β€œI’m going to be hit up into the stratosphere, but this picture makes me want to see Jack Black getting the wonderful treat of a makeover for the Wolverine. Please forgive me,”

Who will be in the end?

With a last name mentioned before Black he was the voice actor Taron Egertonwho has participated in such productions as Kingsman and the Rocketman. In the meantime, the actor has already given its opinion on the matter, and it does not seem to get anything right as of yet. Here’s what the actor said about the X-men.

β€œThere is no. The only bit of truth in it is that I’m a big fan of the movies, like 99.9% of the world. It is, in fact, I didn’t know where it comes from. I’m flattered, but perplexed by all of this… are There any other characters that I would fit in more.”

I will take up the role of Wolverine will be coming in with a cold, after all, is the guy you need to replace one of the papers that most have fallen like a glove, so he did what he did. Hugh Jackman he left a legacy of amazing and powerful, and pose a problem for your successor, don’t you think?”

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Source: ComicBook