Warner bros. wants to make a movie out of the Flash, with or without Ezra Miller


The Flash movie is one of the production’s more complicated for the DC, but Warner bros. is ready to take it out of the paper. For this reason, they are not going to wait for Ezra Miller.

The project has gone through several iterations of the directors, the writers, and the dates, including the holdings in Miller, in addition to the business. And with all of you stuck in a dead end, the studio seems to be starting to lose patience with the actors.

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Ezra Miller as the Flash appears, but can’t find, and in knocking down the fan on the video to see

According to the site, Especially the Wire, ” Warner home video is willing to move forward into production with, or without, Ezra Miller.

The site also says that the script is being worked on today include the corrections in the time line of the Universe is Extended in the DC area, it would only Aquaman and Wonder Woman in the way that we know of, in addition to the series of Robert Pattinson.

With this, the residence of the Miller, in a paper in the Open Were it is not ensured, which could pave the way for new players to, in a case like that of Superman’s Henry Cavill.

For the time being, Warner bros., and the actor has not yet manifested on the subject.

On the Flash

The only true worth of comic books, and one of the heroes of the most important in the AD. He was created by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert, appearing for the first time in November of 1939, and was a part of called the Golden Age of comic books.

In the course of the year, there are at least 4 people have used the cloak of the Stories Were, some times, while at the same time, in different situations.

The original Flash is in the athlete Jay Garrick, who gave way to the more-famous, the bear of the title, Barry Allen is a founding member of the League of Justilça, and his nephew, Wally West, is considered by the DC as much as possible with each other. The grandson of barry allen, Bart West, it has also been the Flash for a long time.

All of them have in common is the use of the Speed Force, the energy that it takes to your body and allows you to move around and do anything at a set speed, amazing.

On more than one occasion, the Flash has already surpassed the speed of time, causing great confusion, in the course of the timeline, as well as having to work to fix the situation.

In addition to the comic books, the hero has appeared in 2 movies in the Universe is Extended in the DC area, played by Ezra Miller. He also has had 2 successful series, for the first time in the decade of the ‘ 90s, where it was lived out by John Wesley Shipp, the second time in 2014, as part of the so-called Arrowverso, where he is played by Grant Gustin.

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