7 actors who should have roles in the biggest and the best in the MCU


In the next Phase of the MCU, it has an important mission: to keep the interest of the audience in the well-known faces, and at the same time, to introduce a new character among the heroes and villains of the Marvel universe.

Like a few of Probably the most iconic ever said goodbye to each other, the other characters should take up the positions of far greater importance.

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But no one can deny that Marvel failed! Some of the actors and actresses are completely wasted in small roles, or that it didn’t last very long.

The on-site Screen Rant has listed a few examples below!

The revelation that the Mandarin in Iron Man 3 was a fake it was actually pretty impressive. Ben Kingsley starred as the actor hired to play a stereotype, and it might have been used in other films for the company.

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A lot of fans of Marvel comics have no idea that Zachary Levi has been passed by the MCU, given that their share was too small for him. The captain marvel from DC, he played Fandral, one of the warriors asgardianos that appear in the film for Me. In the first film, the character was played by another actor, Josh Dallas.

Christopher Eccleston has already said in numerous interviews that she hated to interpret as the villain Malekith in Thor 2, mostly because of the huge amount of prosthetics and make-up required for the building of character. This is a bit of a shame because Eccleston is a talented actor and could be better utilized in another role.

Originally, the script for Iron Man 3 revealed that Maya Hansen was a truly brilliant mind behind the Extremis. However, by the decision of the head of the MCU, at that time, the character had a minor role and it’s importance is diminished.

Mads Mikkelsen is an actor of riveting well-known for living on the villains as iconic as Hannibal Lecter, and the villain from 007: Casino Royale”. In the MCU, and Mikkelsen lived in Kaecilius, a villain was forgettable, that he suffered in comparison with that of Dormammu in Doctor Strange.

Sam Rockwell killed it in the role of businessman Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2, but unfortunately it did not win a role in the most essential role in the MCU. The actor could have shown the rivalry between his character and Tony Stark in the movies of the MCU.

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Natalie Portman lived in a Jane Foster in two of the films in the MCU, and then it disappears from the story for Me since then. Fortunately, the movie’s hero, a talented actress, you will have the opportunity to revive his character so much more interesting, and more memorable, not only for the romantic interest of the main character.