a series from the same creator of the La La Land, gets the trailer on Netflix


Those who don’t remember La-La Landone of the blockbuster movies of 2016, and it almost won the academy award for Best picture? Even if it was only by a blunder of the organization, many of the spectators believed that the statue was actually for a musical, which stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

For anyone who is longing to feel all of those emotions, and Netflix has good news!

It was released the first trailer for the series The Eddythe production , written by none other than Damien Chazelle, and is responsible for giving new life to the La-La Land. You can wait for the drama, the romance, the tears, and, of course, a lot of the music.

With the proper trailer and it already goes perfectly with the weather that is going to be covered in the series – spoiler: it is going to have a lot of jazz!

What do we know about the The Eddy up to now

The series will have eight episodes and will be available on Netflix in may, and specifically on the day-to 08. Viewers will be able maratonar rapidly to the entire series, and to find out more about the Season, and May.

The history of the series, including turns on According to the Udo, played by Andre Holland, (The Moonlightresponsible for managing a musical environment. The band consists of vocalist Maja, a woman with whom he is living in a relationship that is marked by the back and forth.

Things start to get complicated when Elliot finds out that Farid, his business partner, and is currently in illegal activities within the club, and he ends up being directly affected.

On top of that, his daughter, Julie, arrives suddenly in Paris, by saying that he came to live with his father, and the last step is to make the life of a Smith to turn it completely upside-down.

The Eddy the premiere day of may 08 at the Sign-in and we’re already dying of anxiety just because of what we’ve seen in the trailer!

The text is written by Flavio Motta, Coutinho and continue along via Nexperts.