After a billion-dollar agreement for the divorce, Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, which recovers more than half of the sum to be paid to the ex to know the details!


A lot of luck in the game, not so much in love!!! In July of 2019 at the latest, from Jeff Bezos gave a 4% rule of his company, Amazon, to his ex-wife, MacKenzie Bezos. Now, nearly eight months after a billion-dollar agreement in their divorce proceedings, and the course has already regained nearly all of his fortune has been lost.

When the process of separation has come to an end, after a lot of backlash in the media, Mckinsey came out with a stake in the company, equivalent to 36 billion u.s. dollars, of about 188 billion dollars. At that time, after the settlement agreement, the estate of Jeff’s down to the amount of 114,8 billion dollars, something on the order of 600 billion dollars. In spite of the decline, the estimated savings to be stuffed guarantee the richest person in the world.

MacKenzie Bezos took 4% of the Amazon, with her divorce, but Jeff recovered by such a fortune, lost it in a few months!!! (Photo: Getty Images)

However, this past Wednesday (the 15th), and the Bloomberg”s Billionaires Index showed that the wealth He has grown to about 24 billion dollars, which is approximately 126 billion dollars. That is, the entrepreneur has already earned more than half of the amount of the excessive, which had been paid to the ex. After the eight-month period, his wealth amounted to 138 billion dollars, and nothing less than 723 billion. Is it good or do you want more?

Matt Damon, Taika Waititi, Jeff Bezos and Chris Hemsworth at a dinner party in celebration of Amazon Studios, following the Golden Globe awards. (Photo: Getty Images)

In spite of the economic crisis, because of the pandemic of coronaviruses, it is likely that such a fortune will increase even more. According to the Wrap, which as of the date hereof, the Amazon is valued at 1,15 trillion to $ 6 trillion-the real ones!), after a growth of 36 per cent of the value of the investment in the stock market. The effects of e-commerce has hired more than 100 thousand new employees recently, and plans to recruit a further 75 million. So as soon as Jeff or remind you of the values are lost…