At home: a new animation from Pixar and others, 13 movies coming to streaming on – 16/04/2020 Film


For over a week, and the closing of the theatres by the coronavirus he brought fresh news to the live stream.

Among the highlights is the latest animation by Pixar “the Two Brothers, it’s A Fantastic Journey,” about two elves who live in a land with no magic, and the drama of the national Half-Brother,” about a teenage girl who enlists the help of his half-brother, after the lost of his mother.

For those who prefer an alternate title you can check out the film “Chaos in Suburbia” (2006), a mix of horror and comedy, directed by Paul Goldman, who joined in the collection of the Fine Arts, a La Carte restaurant.

Check out all the new releases.

Id. United kingdom/united states, 2007. Director: Julian Schnabel. Featuring: Lou Reed, Emmanuelle Seigner and Sharon Jones. 85 min. 14.

The film brings together images from the five nights in which Lou Reed performed her album Berlin (1973), in New York city in 2006. The disc brings to songs like “Sad Song” and “Lady Day”.
Available in the Fine Arts, a La Carte restaurant (monthly): R$ 10,90. Free 29/4).

Brincante Movie
In brazil, the 2014. Director: Walter Carvalho. With: Antonio Nóbrega and Rosane Almeida. For 92 minutes. Free.

A mixture of documentary and fiction, the film tells the story of the artists, Antonio Nóbrega and Rosane Almeida, from the exit of the Reef and the establishment in Sao Paulo, and the establishment of the Brincante. The narrative uses a variety of artistic languages such as music, dance, and theatre, and is driven by the character John Sidurino, and Rosalina, out of the pieces, “Brincante” and “Segundas Histórias”.
That is available in the channel, from the Institute of Brincante on YouTube. It’s free.

Chaos in the neighborhood
Suburban Mayhem. In australia, in 2006. Director: Paul Goldman. With: Emily Barclay, Mia Wasikowska, and Steve Bastoni. 95 min. 14.

A young woman who lives in a small misdemeanors to the death of his father to get the inheritance. With a touch of suspense and comedy, the film has been directed by Paul Goldman, well known for directing music videos and working with artists.
Available in the Fine Arts, a La Carte restaurant (monthly): R$ 10,90. Free 29/4).

Sweet Revenge
Dolcissime. In italy, 2019. Director: Francesco Ghiaccio. With: Valeria Solarino, Vinicio Marchioni, and Here in san Francisco. For 85 minutes.

In this comedy, an Italian came with three friends from school who have to deal with the jibes of colleagues, for they appear to be over-weight.
Available Now at R$ 14,90 for hire), GooglePlay (- R$ 9,90 for the rental and Looke ($9.99 lease)

Vid – The Messenger of Peace
Brazil, in 2019. Director: Clovis Mello. With: Bruno Garcia, Ghilherme Lobo, Laila Jarin. For 118 minutes. 12.

Based on a true story, tells the history of the medium, the spiritist Vid Pereira Franco. The production shows the first signs of mediumship at the age of four years, and as the sun has made the bahia, an important religious leader.
Available Now at R$ 14,90 for location).

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The Two Brothers, It’s A Fantastic Journey
Onward. The U.S., by 2020. Director: Dan Scanlon. In 106 minutes. Free.

In this animation, Pixar, and two elven teenagers are living in a land of fantastic creatures where the magic has disappeared, to give place to a way of life in the city. They go on a journey to bring their father back to life again, and regain the charm in the world.
Available on the Apple TV (R$ 16,90 for rent and R$ 34,90 for purchase), the Microsoft the Play ($15 for the rental, R$ 39,90, – to purchase), Looke (R$ 16,99 for the rental and Live-in Play (R$ 18,90 for location).

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We Will Always Be Together
We Finirons Ensemble. In france, by 2018. Director: Guillaume Canet. With: François Cluzet, Marion Cotillard and Gilles Lellouche. At 135 minutes. 12.

Living in a mid-life crisis, a man decides to spend his birthday just with the woman in his house on the beach. But it’s a party-no surprise that she is preparing for launches in the chaos that was supposed to be a quiet weekend.
Available Now at Sky-Play (in R$ 14,90, – for lease -); Live, Play, R$ 12,90, for rent, Google Play is R$19,90 for the purchase) and Apple TV (R$14,90, for rent, R$29,90 for the purchase).

Made in America
The American-Made. The US, in 2017. Director: Doug Liman. With: Tom Cruise, Sarah Wright, and Domhnall Gleeson. For 115 minutes. 16 years of age.

The same principal Identity, the Bourne and Mr. & Sra. Smith, the film takes place in the decade of the 1980’s, and is based on the true story of an ex-pilot, Barry Seal, was played by Tom Cruise, who is working for the cartel and the Medellin cartel, trafficking drugs and weapons. When they are recruited by the CIA to help in the investigation into the criminal, a Seal becomes a double agent.
Available on Netflix (monthly subscription fee: R$ 21,90).

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For The Young Ahmed,
Le Jeune Ahmed. Belgium/France, In 2019. Director: Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne. Featuring: Idir Ben-Addi, Olivier Bonnaud, and Myriem Akheddiou. In 84 minutes. 14.

The story follows a boy, a muslim from a 13-year-old is convinced that its teacher is a sinner, he decides to kill her. The winner of the best director award at the Cannes film festival. Exhibited at the 43rd International Film festival.
That is available in the Google Play is R$ 19,90 for purchase Now, and the Sky to PlayR$ 14,90, rental), Living to Play (in R$ 12,90, for rent) and Apple TV (R$ 14,90, for rent, R$ 29,90 for the purchase).

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Well With The Real World
Id. The U.S. by 2019. Director: Taika Waititi. With: Roman, Griffin, Davis, Thomasin McKenzie, Taika Waititi, and Scarlett Johansson. At 104 minutes. 14.

Well that’s ten years old, and is a devoted member of the nazi youth. When she discovers that her mother hides in the house of a young jewish woman who, as a result of their deep belief in fate, with the help of his imaginary friend: Adolf Hitler. The winner of the academy award for best adapted screenplay.
Available on the Apple TV (R$ 18,90, for rent, R$ 44,90, to, order, Now, for a R$ 18,90 for rental), Google Play (R$ 16,90, for rent, R$ 34,90 for the purchase).

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Half-Brother To
In brazil, the 2018. Director: Eliane Coster. With: Natalia de Molina, and Diego Avelino and Francisco Gomes. 98 min. 16 years of age.

The mother of a teenager missing for a few days. Lost and short on cash, she asks for help from his half-brother away. It is, however, also face problems, as he was a witness to the beating of a young gay man which caused him to receive threats. Exhibited at the 42nd International Film festival.
Available on the Apple TV (R$ 7,90, for rent, R$ 12,90 to purchase.

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Hello, My Name Is Sarah
My Name is Sarah. 2019. Director: Steven Oritt. Featuring: Zuzanna Surowy, Konrad Cichon, and Pawel Królikowski. 111 minutes. 16 years of age.

Based on a true story, follows a girl with a jewish 13 year old who runs away to the Ukraine after the murder of his entire family. There, she is taken in by a couple of farmers who had a dark secret. Exhibited at the 43rd International Film festival.
Available Now at R$ 14,90 for hire), GooglePlay (- R$ 9,90 for the rental and Looke ($9.99 lease).

Portrait of a Young man in the Flame
Portrait de la Jeune Fille en Feu. In france, by 2019. Director: Céline Sciamma. With: Noémie Merlant, Adèle Haenel, and Luàna Bajrami. 119 minutes long. 14.

An artist needs to portray a secretly-a young girl for her wedding, but it turns out if you an aficionado for your model. The winner of the prize for best screenplay at the Cannes film festival. Shown in product Mix in Brazil.
Available Now-Sky’s Play, the Hi, Play, Live, Play, and Looke R$ 14,90 for location).

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Toy Story 4
Id. The U.S. by 2019. Director: Josh Cooley. 100 min. Free.

In the fourth film of the franchise, Pixar, Woody and Buzz, to gain a new company of his mistress, and the girl, Bonnie, becomes a mentor in the game. But the character goes into a crisis with his new condition, and runs away, forcing the cowboy to rescue him.
Available on: Amazon’s Prime Video subscription of at least R$ 9,90), Google Play, ipod, iphone, Apple TV, Microsoft’s Play and YouTube (R$ 34,90 for the purchase).

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