Britney Spears ‘ dance to the music of Justin Timberlake and the praises of the former: ‘the Brilliant’ – 15/04/2020


On her Instagram, the singer and performer Britney Spears has surprised her fans by appearing in a video dancing to the rhythm of a song to her ex, Justin Timberlake.

“This is my own version of Snapchat, or Tik Tok or any of that, it is a great thing that you should do today! As you can see, I’m not really dancing, guys… I’m just really tired,” joked the artist in the caption of your posting.

Then, she made it a point to heap praise on Justin bieber, with reference to the great surprise of the people. “P. S.: I know that we have one of the largest in terms of the world 20 years ago… But the guy is a genius! Great music, JT! If you know what’s good,” he praised her.

The two stars dated for four years and at the beginning of the decade of the 2000’s, but if you had known at the time that they worked together on The Mickey Mouse Club on the Disney Channel. In the end it came to pass in 2002, and was one of the first events in media from the time.

Soon after the break up, Justin Timberlake wrote Cry Me a River, which went on to become her first success as a solo singer. He is currently married to Jessica Biel, while Britney has been dating Sam, Asghari.