(Cf. The fans want to replace Johnny Depp for the actor, in the Marvel comics


Johnny Depp was once one of the greatest players in the world, after starring in such films as Edward scissorhands, the Legend of The headless Horseman, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The spectacular Chocolate Factory. However, in the past few years, Depp has been the subject of controversy, causing it to move away from the spotlight.

Currently, the Wife is only seen in a few movies here and there. Even so, it has a top-level project-in-progress, derived from the Harry Potter books, the Amazing Animals in the 3 – and some fans aren’t too happy about it.

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Read on to find out more about the controversies of the past, of a Wife, and one who fans want to replace that in the next movie.

Johnny Depp has a dramatic run-ins with his ex-wife

Depp has a long track record in relationship building. He was married in 1983, with a make-up artist named Lori Anne Allison, but the two divorced two years later.

Later in his life he was engaged to american actress, Jennifer Gray, and then for Sherilyn Fenn in the late ‘ 80s, when he became a big star in Hollywood, but none of the relationships resulted in marriage.

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Depp has also dated Winona Ryder, his co-star in Edward scissorhands, by Tim Burton, but the two broke up in the early to mid 90’s. After the dissolution of his relationship with Ryder, he has dated supermodel Kate Moss for four years from 1994 to 1998.

The longest relationship of a Wife was the singer and French actress, Vanessa Paradis. The two began dating in 1998, and they had two children together.

They never married, but stayed together until 2012, when they broke up for unknown reasons.

Wife was not single for very long, and soon he was seen with actress Amber Heard, with whom he had been working on the Diary of a Journalist, Drunk, in the year 2011. Depp and Heard got married in the year 2015, but it’s supposedly the union was filled with tension from the very beginning.

A little over a year later Heard she asked for the divorce, the Wife said that the actor was physically assaulted. Heard until you have released the photos, which seemed to prove that he had a black eye and bruises on his face, apparently in a confrontation with his Wife.

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Their divorce was highly contentious, with the Wife answering the allegations of sexual abuse and argues that, in fact, he was the one who picked it up.

Some people want Johnny Depp to be “cancelled”

The divorce between Depp and Heard’s caused a lot of contradicting emotions at the base of the fan of the Depp. Four years after the initial accusations, the discussions are hotter than ever.

Some say they Heard him on the abuse and call it “opportunistic”. Others claim that victims of abuse should also be considered, under any circumstances, and that there is no reason to assume that she lied.

More recently, the case went to a big u-turn, when it was leaked audio of Amber Heard admitting assaulting his Wife and making a mockery of her attempts to get away. It cleaned up a little bit, the image of Depp with a lot of, but later on, a new twist came when it was revealed in court, text messages, very violent, the Wife was referring to, Heard.

A new pump may be just around the corner. But then again, a lot of people feel that Johnny Depp should have been “cancelled” – or, to be eliminated from popular culture because of his indiscretions.

Those fans looking to replace Johnny Depp in the Amazing Animals?

The franchise is the Harry Potter series sparked controversy, when the Wife was put in the game for the first derivative, and the Amazing Animals and Where they Live. In the same way, and the fans are speaking right now, with the third and final part in the pre-production and set to be released in 2021.

In between, a good portion of the fans, according to the website of show business Cheat Sheet, the choice, the more you want to potentially replace Johnny Depp as Grindelwald at some point, it’s a popular british actor Benedict Cumberbatch. The player is highly skilled, with major franchises, as both the heroes and the villains, and you could combine it with the look already established for the vilanesco the magician of the universe in the Harry Potter series.

You know, of course, that he is the singer of the iconic Doctor Strange in the Marvel universe. Interestingly enough, Cumberbatch has been tipped for a living, the young man Admits to the all the Amazing Animals: The Crime of Grindelwald, but he lost the role to Jude Law.

Officially, nothing has been said about the reformulation of Grindelwald at all the Amazing Animals 3 and, therefore, it is expected that Depp will return as the villain. The creator of the Harry Potter and the deathly hallows, J. K. Rowling, even defended you in the past, so there is no reason to believe that anything is going to change all of a sudden, not to be another major plot twist to happen.

Animals are Fantastic, the 3 will come to cinemas on the 12th of November, 2021. In the direction of once more, it will be David Yates.