Chris Hemsworth comments on the separation of a brother Liam and Miley Cyrus, and have also assumed an indirect it to the singer; Check it out


Would have to be Chris Hemsworth sent to an indirect interest, to Miley Cyrus? The actor gave an interview to the website, the australian, Sky News, during the course of that morning (the 16th), and during the course of the conversation, he made a comment that he left on the fans and the diva’s half in doubt…

In a tone of banter, the news reporter Lexie Cartwright mentioned, the physical and Liam Hemsworth, the brother of the defendant, and he wondered if his youngest son would have been in the post by Chris as the “most closed” of the family. Translation of ” Thor nodded, and pointed at the pictures taken by our brother magazine, Men’s Health.

“I think he’s got it. Have you seen the cover of Men’s Health? I thought to myself, ‘not bad dude, not bad’”he said. And then it came to the alleged sting. “He’s been training a lot on the way back to Australia, and taking their stuff. I think it’s the australian lifestyle. We are the redeemed of the Malibu”he commented to Chris.

It so happens that Liam and Miley were living in Malibu, California. The two had a relationship of ups and downs, that lasted for about ten years. Eight months after they register with the union, and the couple was divorced in August of 2019. Speaking of Chris, too, can be read as a reference to the song “Malibu”, which was launched by an ex-sister-in-law in the fall of 2017.

In the words of the song deals with the life of the singer with her ex, and in Malibu. “We are like the waves that rock back and forth At times, I feel as if I’m drowning and you’re standing there for me to save And I want to thank you with all my heart / this Is a new beginning, A dream come true in Malibu”says one of the passages.

The magic of Marvel comics has not been the only one to write a review of the end of the bed. Elsa Pataki (wife of Chris, he shared a little behind-the-scenes of a divorce and his opinions on the subject, in a recent interview with E! News, November, 2019 at the latest. “My brother-in-law, well… the relationship to which you have devoted 10 years of age, he is a little crestfallen, but it’s going to be fine, he’s a boy of strong, and you deserve the best, and I think he deserves a lot better”shot.

She also assured them that the star of “the Hunger Games” will always have a family to support. “He is the one clinging to the man, who was by his side to give him the strength he needed to”, he said.

Miley and family at Hemsworth for the premiere of the film “the Avengers: Deadline,” in the past year. (Photo: Getty Images)

Over the past few months, Liam has been living an affair with a model, Troy Brooks. Already, the Cyrus, from the end of the marriage, correlate with the model Kaitlynn Carter, and is currently dating the musician, Cody Simpson.