Critical | another century’s episode – 1ªTemporada (2020) – Sophie Turner is a survivor of the ‘unstable’ in a plane crash in the number of Quibi


Another century’s episodeit is a series of Quibi, which brings you to the Sophie Turner a theme of survival, which is very good, but the format of the series bothers me.

The series, which is one of the first productions of the Quibi (the streaming service, which offers an interesting proposal of a “short film” is divided into segments of seven to ten minutes.).

I watched 9 episodes of the first season, which ends in a mysterious way.

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The series follows JaneTurner), a young woman who comes out of the clinic to support it, and it goes to the house for christmas and the new year. We have found that the Jane’s fighting itself because of its new toilet paper (which not only she, but her mother and her father also has it). Even though the practice of the release, Jane is still determined to end his life. The problem with this is that, prior to being able to make it to the airport where it is, it falls in the mountains of the Pacific filled with ice cubes.

The director of the Mark Pellington and the movie Richard Slaughter and By Jeremy Ungarput Jane to break down the fourth wall and talk to you about your life and feelings. It is good for us the viewers to have a closeness with the character, and it was predominant in her work is so well-done ones.

Another century's episode: check out the trailer for the series of Quibi, with Sophie Turner

The Turner this is an actress who holds such a series of a few characters. It is a vision of the most comprehensive, and filled with layers of her character to be unstable. Even with the limitation of time, it can be very intense.

The nine-episode work, like mini-movies, which do you have on the end of each episode, expect a major event to the next.

Corey Hawkins it also works on the side of the Turneras for Paul, he’s a guy kind that meets you at the airport and ends up sitting next to Jane on the plane. Paul is such a gentleman that he lives by flirting with her and getting to know her better during the trip. Then implementing a subtle, and at the same time, it has a cartoon when him and Jane struggle to survive in the middle of the ice.

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During the course of only two characters, they go through situations that would require a long effort, physical effort, psychological. All of this is surrounded by the snow bright white, and then, and the landscapes of the rockies, but you’re just not taking advantage of the full potential of the visual in the series is already in the format you watch the series, only on the phone, it ends up making it so that the chance for you to consume that content on your TV, and take advantage of the beautiful scenery is not to be taken advantage of.