Hospitals in Goiânia, brazil has recorded 11 deaths in 14 days


Carol Almeida

With Cheers Matey

Up-to-date at 17h37

Officially opened on the 26th of march, the field Hospital in the fight against the Coronavirus (HCamp), at the city of Goiania, has registered 11 deaths from patients up to this Thursday (9th). According to the gazette published on this date, one of the victims had negative results for infection with the new coronavirus (Covid-19), and the other ten remain the same as the poison of the disease.

One of the men who died, nine were as the origin of towns and cities in the State, while the two were living at the Time. Only one victim was a woman.

The balance sheet

In a recent article published in the edition of Thursday’s (8) is one of the most POPULAR shows that on the 11th day, of the HCamp was present in 135 patients. Of these, 96 have already received a medical discharge. Twenty of the cases have been disposed of to the Covid-19, and six of the patients were transferred to other health units and other medical conditions.