In the seclusion of the Latin boom clip, and the hits are going to turn in donations


This One’s Easy.

The Latin has recently released their music video for “bad quality”, but what few people know is that the music already existed, and what it has done for the singer to release her before he was in quarantine due to a pandemic of a coronavirus.

“I was with my girlfriend and a few friends had gone to spend a few days in a Creek so soon after the 18 shows I did at the Carnival for a rest, but the idea was to spend a week-end. Just a few days before we had contact with an aunt of mine who had come from Italy, and you could be in with a coronavirus. I had done the tests, but I was waiting for. She was not in the house with us, but we hadn’t found you before they go to Angra dos reis. While I didn’t go for the result, we have been instructed to stay in isolation for 15 days, and I’m looking forward too, I was freaking out, I thought, we’re going to do a clip with all the people who are here for the same. The music was there, and I was going to throw more to the middle of the year, but I have created characters for it, and record it in a mobile device, the clip is made out of 100% of the mobile phone, believe you me.

After you record the video, the Latin, and his team have decided to donate the bear to monetize the video on YouTube. The idea is that it will be back to food for the poorest families, at the beginning of Rio de Janeiro, where the singer lives.

“We are artists, we mobilized to help with anything. This Covid-19 took the world by surprise, we have also been greatly affected, since we live in the concerts, and going to be the last category to go back to normal, but I think the most important use of our communication channels to help you and to share our love with,” explains the Latin.

There are 12 days into the air and, with more than 250 thousand), and the Video) he asked the advice of the singer in the clip, I would have given up. “The revenue for these grants comes from the monetization of the video, as I had spoken to him. So, we don’t have a say in the numbers, but as soon as the insulation gets to the end, we’re going to see just how much was distributed and to give away everything in the way of food for the communities of Rio de Janeiro, said.