In the video, Gilberto Gil, to impress the fans by playing Britney Spears it with the end


Gilberto Gil sang with the grand-daughter (Picture Playback)

Gil he left his followers astonished. The singer appeared playing the Britney Spears is on the side of the little granddaughter, The flowerand has shown that he is very eclectic in regards to music.

The video brings out the Gil and the Flower, the singing of the song ‘ Baby One More Time Britney Spears. The grandfather of the famous also plays the guitar in the pictures.

Who’s to say that the divas of pop can’t be a part of the repertoire of His bill a? He and the little one took a straw from the Baby One More Time Britney Spears, to ward off the boredom during isolation. Here is a hint for you not to pull your hair out during this period: “on Wednesday, to try, to risk new things!“ he wrote to Gilberto Gil on Instagram.

The followers of Gil’s comment on the scene family home. Growing up/living in the surrounding area is wonderful.”said one fan. “Beautiful, my dear friend, Gil, may the lord bless all of you.”said another one. “Afinadíssima! We have a version of the All-Girl New. On my web page. Top honor to show you the pro master Gilberto“ he let the other fans.

It is worth noting that the grand-daughter of Gilberto Gil, left it to his followers, full of love to appear at a time when special family, while it is in quarantine, as against the new coronavirus. The wife of the musician has posted a video of her husband and her granddaughter for dropping it in the deep voice.

“Together, in the house, without standing out“ he wrote to his wife of Gilberto Gil, Flora and fauna, the caption of the video on Instagram.

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