James Gunn talks about the future of Peter Quill after the Upcoming Deadline


Chris Pratt as Peter Quill (Non-Marvel)

The history of the Peter Quill in the MCU, it’s tragic, and the Lord of the Estralha grew up without a father, and as a child he saw his mother die of cancer. Shortly after the death of his mother, he was taken prisoner by the marauding space, where he has worked for them. As an adult, Quill had met the father, a Heaven, called the Ego. What appeared to be a new phase in her life turned into a nightmare as the hero found out that the Ego was responsible for the death of his mother, and that is the Heaven that I want to use it to rule the universe. Quill had no other choice but to kill his own father.

On his journey, Peter Quill just kept it as a souvenir of the Land, and to use the mother with a collection of songs from the eighties. However, in the Avengers: Ultimate has returned to the earth to help the Avengers to defeat the dreaded Thanos, and his mighty army. However, soon after the fight, it was not seen in the Lord of the Stars, and many of the fans, if you have any suggestions as to where he might have gone. And now, we will have a response from James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy.

During the Quarentine Watch Party on Twitter, one fan wrote: “Poor grandpa Quill. It would be nice to see Peter visiting her grave, for a fraction of a second after the battle of the portal in the Endgame. How do you think Peter felt being back on Earth?” A shame not to have seen the reaction to it.” James Gunn replied, “Peter, despised him back on the Ground, and out of that planet as fast as he could. It binds to the death of his mother.”

Peter Quill is played by the actor Chris Pratt. James Gunn will return to the Marvel universe shortly after the recordings of the Squad on a Suicide bomber to direct ‘ Guardians of the Galaxy, vol. 3, however, the film does not yet have a date for the premiere.