Jason Momoa says he became a teacher of physical education of the children in the house


Jason Momoa has earned a “new job” while in quarantine in order to contain the new coronaviruses. The actor has become a kind of a physical education teacher and his two sons, during this period of social isolation.

Momoa’s father, Lola, 12, and Nakoa, 11 years of age. “They are loving you to be with me in the house and we are having a great time. Thanks be to God, they have a great teacher, and I teach physical education, we walked to the skate, and we climb the hill behind our house,” he said in an interview with the program’s host, Ellen DeGeneres.

The actor’s lives with their children, and he and his wife, Lisa Bonet, in a house with a garden, and a few other things, such as skate park, rock climbing wall, the release of the axe-and-shoot with a bow and arrow.

“They have been able to chat with my friends, but I think it is loving to stay at home,” he said.