Kim Kardashian and the quarantine: “There are so many days that I don’t take a bath – Present


Kim O to comply with its quarantine in the house with their four children, and her husband, He The West. And it was one of the challenges to the family who spoke (without any filters) to the Refinery29.

We would have set aside the ‘political right‘and he gave his testimony to the reality of the church and to take care of four kids full-time makes it abdique of time for you.

My hair is desarranjado, and I think the only thing I maquilhei couple of times and I felt pretty good in those days. I felt that I am a completely different person”, he noted.

“There isn’t always glamorous. There are so many days when I comb my hair or take a shower. It’s a kind of a duty that is different now that you have to help your children with their homework, and find out all of this,” he pointed out.

Kim O moreover, he wanted to leave a message to all of the parents in some way culpabilizam because they do not meet all of the suggested: “Do the best you can, inside.

It will be recalled that leader Kim O and He The West, are the parents of a North-of-six-years old, the Saint, out of the four in illinois, two -, and Ps, for the next 11 months.

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