Leonardo DiCaprio draws the paper in to the movie for those who make a donation


Leonardo DiCaprio it will give you a “a prominent role” in the movie Assassins of the Moon of Flowers,one of the people that make the donations to the campaign for America’s Food Fund, which provides food to the vulnerable during the pandemic of the new coronavirus. All those who donate will participate in the prize draw to close with the actor and Robert De Niro in the long run by Martin Scorseseexpected to open in 2021.

Donations may be made to the web site of the All-In Challenge from$ 10. For donations of$ 25,$ 50, and$ 100 in competition with more chances of winning.

An adaptation of the best-selling book of the David Grann, Assassins of the Moon of Flowers, (Killers of the Flower Moonthe title of the original) it is the second collaboration between DiCaprio and Scorsese, who worked together for the last time The Wolf of Wall Streetof the year 2013.

The book takes place in Oklahoma in the 1920s, and focuses on the murders of the Osage Nation, in which the members of a tribe to the native american’s were killed, one by one, after they had become rich by finding oil on their land. The murders have drawn the attention of the newly formed FBI, which is investigating the crime. The adaptation is being written by the Eric Roth (Forrest Gump: The story-teller, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button).

The effects of coronavirus on pop culture

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the coronavirus, the various areas of the entertainment is affected with the postponement of the premiere, they are in production and the cancellation of the big event.