Lollapalooza will hold a new concert home on the Sunday (19th) – Group-Welcome


The Line-up of lives, and will be based in the scene of electronic dance music

After the presentations, at a distance from, Clarice Falcão, the, Tender, the King, the Cat Dealer on Saturday (the 11th), Lollapalooza has announced a new live this Sunday (the 19th), starting from 16. At this time, the line-up: will feature a concert of electronic music in order to represent the stage at Perry’s By Doritos.

The broadcast of the show will take place at the official channel of the festival on YouTube.

Check out the full line-up below:

  • Evokings – 16h to 16h45
  • Ashibah – 17 to 18
  • These Include The Ink, -18: 15, at 19h15
  • Victor And Lou – 19: 30 to 20: 30
  • Chemical Surf – 20h45 at 21: 45 hrs
  • Dubdogz – 22h to 23h
  • Vinne – 23h15 à 00h15
  • Fractall X Rockstead – 00: 30 to 01: 30

Lollapalooza in 2020 has been pushed back to the 4th, 5th and 6th of December, on account of the multi-coronavirus. Previously, the festival will happen between the 3rd to the 5th of April. In this way, the organization was able to retain all of the but – Guns ‘ N ‘Roses, The Strokes, and Travis Scott. Tickets and current work to the new dates and will give you updates about the refund, and the rest of the line-up soon.

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