Pericles and he and Brown run Lives, and upon the record of Linda Thomas


The live feed of Assets Commission on Wednesday (8) has registered quite impressive, with 3.2 million access to the site, with 50 million page views and more than 1 million new subscribers to the channel in the year, exceeding the mark by Jorge & Mateus, who broke the web to Live new but has generated controversy over the amount of people and the environment, raising concerns over the concerns of the double in relation to the pandemic, the Covid-19. Now, on this Thursday (9), it is clear that there is more music to the general public: Pericles and the duo Bruno and Marrone are the highlights!

In social networks, internet users are still recovering from the three-hour show, Linda Also, but it has also been preparing for the most sofrência later. In addition to this, Pericles made it a point to give fans the power to choose the repertoire according to the official announcement made on their accounts. “On 09 April, Thursday, Wednesday, from 20h in . But with a difference, the one who is in charge in the directory, now is you and from this moment on. The box of the answer that is open to the story of the Instagram, tweet, set, here, and the post-tb on FB. #LiveEmCasaComPericao” and shot the singer in a post on Twitter.

Already, he and Brown almost all the works from the 21, is also on the YouTube channel, as well as the fans, thinking about the repertoire of the ideal. The double-six has confirmed that the show is online, on the last Wednesday in the publication on Instagram, and it already has suggestions for songs in the comments, in addition to forecasts involving the well known “sofrência”, and that it was guaranteed, while the performance of historic Assets Also.