Rolling Stone·, Rumor has it, John Krasinski as mr. Fantastic in the Marvel comics, goes on trending topics; to understand


The sun in A Quiet Place has been mentioned as the actor was ideal for the role of Reed Richards

More recently, the name of Reed Richards it was in the trending topics worldwide on Twitter. This is the legal name of the hero of the Marvel comicsMr. Fantático, the brilliant scientist and the leader of the The Fantastic Four. And the reason it’s viral is an actor With John Krasinski.

The star is well-known for the role of the Jim on the show The Office as the protagonist, and the director of the horror All Year Round (2018), and the number Jack Ryan, the Amazon Prime Video. Krasinski it is in the mouth of fans of the Marvel comics the role of the Reed Richards since the acquisition of the Fox the Disneythat would mean that the The quartetit would be built-in to the In the MCU.

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And then, when Kevin Feige said at comic-con, 2019 it’s a movie of the Fantastic four was in production, the fans and promptly elected him to the arts of the fan, and tweet, those who have reached the trending topics, when rumors that the president of the Marvel Studios in a meeting (on remote) the player and Krasinski he talked about playing a hero in the program for an amateur Some Good Newspresented by him.

John Krasinski it always begins with the animation and excitement of the role, but it has also made it clear that it relies on the choice of the Feige the main character, even if it is not him in the end. As for the rumor of a meeting between them, neither of them confirmed the information.

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In any case, the coming of a family of superheroes who live in the Baxter building, and the The X-Men. the USING it’s only a matter of time, in spite of all the delays that are caused by the coronavirus.