Selena Gomez complains that the creators of the game to steal your image Today


Selena Gomez wants to sue a production company for games in to cell phone. A singer demands $ 10 million for the unauthorized use of her image in ads promotional the game-play.

The artist, a 27-year-old claims that is one of the game’s characters ‘Clothes Here – the Styling Game that is based in and of itself, that unless we have your permission, as reported by Variety, who had access to the case file.

Description of the game in their its the page in the App Store, announces that the player can interact with the most beautiful models and celebrities. People like the Kardashian’s, Gigi, Her and Taylor, will appear and will ask you for your advice in fashion.

One of the pictures promotional the game shows a character with many similarities to Spain, wearing the same outfit this is used on the cover of Flare in the November the target date of 2015. The other pictures show the dolls that are similar to Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, David He and the singer of The Weeknd.

“The creators of the game, I never asked, consulted with, or informed Service regarding the use of any of its rights of publicity in relation to the game,” say the lawyers of the singer and in the documents submitted to the court. “Even if I were to be asked, Spain would never give his consent to such.”

The advocates of a Better stand out, though, the star of forever “you have selected carefully at all of your partners and business opportunities,” which authorized the use of her image and other claims.

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