The camera pulls out to two controversial items in the design of emergency relief to the States


The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), announced today that it is the rapporteur of the project, from disaster relief to states and localities, member of Peter, Paul (DEM-RJ), it will pull two controversial items in the text. The first point to be taken from this is the ability of the states to contract for new loans, with the consent of the Union, during the pandemic, the coronavirus, the one that would bring an impact of$ 55 billion a year. The second point to be deleted is in the forecast for the suspension of the debt of the states and the Federal District and the Union. According to Officers, in addition to these changes, the project will have a total impact of$ 80 billion a year. The economic team had been against the proposal, as reported by the deputy of Peter, Paul, because the impact of the tax could be as high as R$ 222 million. Maya informed them, that it’s going to work for a vote on the project this Monday (the 13th).