the color of the hair, you are going to want to use it when you’re done with the quarantine


Stone alone: the color of the hair that you are going to want to use it when you’re done with the quarantine

The dark stone is a new tone, a trend that is all the it girls are giving you on the social networks.

Instagram by Laura Polko.

The 31-year-old Emma Stone, this is one of the celebrities of the most acclaimed in the world. It has, for example, on the shelf in the living room, large prizes such as the golden globe Award, the Bafta and the Globe for Best Actress for performance in “La La Land”, and in the fall of 2017.

The actress, however, is not only known for the roles in this amazing play in the film. The united states is the owner of a beauty that everyone’s talking about, and in the social events, there is always one of the most well-dressed. In all of the outfits, there is always something that stands out, and the versatility of the shades from the hair.

Even though the red-haired one is your favourite — you simply need to do a little research on Google to realize that there are even some articles that explain how to get the color, Emma Stone has emerged over the last few days with her hair a lot longer, say, to other people.

It is stone alone that, in other words, it is a dark stone, plated with platinum, in the language of the people. After a couple of years ago that is saved in the catalog of tones less-used, and, behold, he is in next season, just in time for the summer season.

In an interview with the famous american site “Refinery 29“ the colorist, Sarah Klein, explained to the best of the trend: “The secret to the stone hits the right balance between grey and a shade hotter, and it creates a more natural finish than blonde hair-green. In fact, it is the most versatile of the platinum metals, because there is not a single color.”

In Instagram are already a number of it’s the girls who have taken advantage of the quarantine to let people know about this new trend. We speak, for example, the hairstylist Laura Polko, Veronika Heilbrunner, or Cherin Choi.

If you don’t have the experience on the coat, on the tip of the NiT is to wait for the salons to open, to bet on the stone alone. Until then, take advantage of the quarantine to take care of the hair to keep healthy at all times. Have a look at our article with several suggestions.