The faith of pascal, for us to renew the missionary ardour of charity’| the Journal of the they Are Paul’s


He emphasized the Cardinal, Odilo Scherer, in mass this Wednesday, which is passed through the digital media

During the mass of Wednesday in the Octave of Easter, passover, the 15th, in the chapel of his residence, Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer, Archbishop of São Paulo, pointed out that the Word and the Sacraments are the means by which the Risen christ is present and acts in the midst of humanity.


In his homily, monsignor Odilo talked about in the first reading (Acts 3,1-10), which tells of the miracle of Peter that healed the lame man at the temple gate. As he approached the man who asked for alms, and the Apostle said to him, “I don’t have no silver or gold, but what I have I give to you,” and then healed him.

The Cardinal explained that Peter did what Jesus commanded the apostles to do so. “There are signs, therefore, that he continued to act through the apostles, to the Church, so it was born, and, in the name of god, preaching the Gospel, are called to conversion, and he performed the signs of the sacraments,” he stressed.

“This work of Jesus continues in the Church today. Even if you do not happen all of these signs and wonders. Today, all the signs are in the sacraments, by means of which the Risen christ continues to be present in the acting,” she said of the Archbishop.


Commenting on the Gospel (Lc 24,13-35), which deals with the gathering of the disciples on the road to Emmaus with the Risen christ, a Gift of christian life, he explained that as he approached the two who were walking shocked by this, he began to explain the scriptures, and their hearts are reaqueceram in the faith. “This is the Jesus present in the Church through his written Word,” he said.

The evangelist tells us that, sitting at the table, Jesus took bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and distributed it. In the eyes of the disciples were opened and they start over at the breaking of bread. “This is the essential gesture of the Eucharist instituted by the Lord at the last supper. The Word and the sacraments are signs of Jesus alive and present in our midst,” said the Cardinal.

In the end, a Gift of christian life, he stressed that, after the acknowledge, the disciples went back to Jerusalem to tell the other disciple, who had Risen from the dead. They went out into the world. “It is the faith of pascal, for us to renew the missionary ardour and love.”

Since the inception of the measures of social isolation in order to contain the advance of the multi-COVID-19, and the cessation of religious festivals in the presence of the faithful in the churches, in the mass presided over by Cardinal Scherer in the home and are passed on every day at 7 am-on the radio On July 9 and the page for the Archdiocese on Facebook.