The onset of the show that generated the largest scandal in the world of music is back


The star of R&B R. Kelly is currently awaiting trial at a federal prison in Chicago, United States of america. All in all, facing more than ten charges, inter, child pornography, sexual abuse of a minor, kidnapping, and sexual assault. The court case began after the showing of the first season, to Survive, to R. Kelly, Survivng with R. Kelly), the onset of the show to the original format of the film of a Lifetime. The success for the audience and a huge impact on the production and nominated for an Emmy and winner of the Critic”s Choice Awards he won a second one, to Survive in the R. Kelly Hit of the Accounts Surviving of R. Kelly’s (The Reckoning), he comes to the screen in the Lifetime in the 17th, 18th, and 19th of April.

To survive, the R. Kelly Hit of the Accounts to bring in new victims, and the surprising revelations, and it also shows the results of the first season. Of the survivors, such as the Asante McGee, Faith, Rodgers, and Lizette Martinez, give you a new and exciting testimonies about the persecution they have suffered, and even death threats they received after sharing their stories.

One of the two new cases revealed, it is the one of the Jerhonda Indeed, a victim of the artist when she was 15 years of age and older. “I have been forced to make a pact to commit suicide. If something were to happen to R. Kelly, or he will go to jail, I would have to kill me,” he said. Another testimony to the exciting is the Tiffany outlet Then, the first victim of the process, R. Kelly, the abuse is committed in 1991: “I went to the first one, and no one believed me…. And it kept happening, over and over again.

The Ex-employees and their families of R. Kelly, will also participate in the events, bringing out details previously unseen, about one’s personal life and childhood of that time. Also, to ensure that different perspectives on the events, the series features interviews with journalists, psychologists, lawyers, and supporters of R. Kelly.

The executive producer of survival, the R. Kelly Hit of the Accounts, the Brie Miranda Brayton, said that in the first period marked the beginning of a major shift in the music industry in relation to allegations of child abuse. “When did this topic became a public discussion, it was just the women talking. Now, men also talked about the issue, and many of them give testimonies in the series,” he said.

After the first year, we have received many letters from the victims of R. Kelly. The allegations have grown and gained prominence in the media. And we feel a sense of responsibility to continue to tell the story, ” said James Daniels, the executive producer of the series.

In march of this year, the artist in the 53-year-old has been a target of 13 charges of child sexual abuse. He says he is innocent, as well as in all the others. In its heyday in the early ‘ 90s, R. Kelly has recorded with Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, among others. The word is out about the alleged sexual assault, and relationships with minors already in the us for the past twenty years, but it came true after the second season’s production Lifetime. In addition to the contracts with the record companies, but R. Kelly has lost all the prestige that it had with the artists and a lot of the same music, with the participation of it have been cut off from digital albums and streaming services.

The most famous example is that of Lady Gaga: in addition to deleting the music that is in a partnership with him, and yet he stated that “the allegations against him are horrible and indefensible. I donate to the victims in the 1000%”. Other artists who have asked for the apology by the co-operation with R. Kelly was Chance the Rapper, Ciara, the Pussycat Dolls, and the band Phoenix. The raper, Ne-Yo went the same way, if you joined the movement to #MuteRKelly, and is expressed through the social networks: “there is No excuse. The music is important, but there is nothing more important than protecting our children, our girls.” In the upcoming trial of R. Kelly ” will be out in July.

To survive, the R. Kelly Hit of the Accounts

17/4, fri-fri, 20h55

Episode 1 – It cannot be stopped – when the world collides-with the launch of Survive-a of R. Kelly, is a threat to the violent cause of the damage in the event of the premiere of the series.

Episode 2 – the More a person’s, Tiffany Hawkins, the first victim to try and blame R. Kelly for his actions, to break the silence after more than two decades ago, and tells his story in front of the camera.

18/4 Saturday 20h55

Episode 3 – Go for it, for the first time – by R. Kelly is facing his first round of criminal charges after Surviving by R. Kelly. And a survivor of the Jerhonda Indeed revealed a deal is shocking what she has done.

Episode 4 – Interview-after-the-rescue – R. Kelly, is released from prison and the granting of an interview to be controversial, to Gayle King. After being rescued from the ocean by its mother to Survive, to R. Kelly, Dominique Gardner, speaks to the camera for the first time.

19/4 (Sunday) 20h55

Episode 5 – please Bring our girls home, such As R. Kelly, is taken into the custody of the federal no bond, and the families of the Joycelyn the Savage, and Azriel Clary sage will ask you if your daughters will go back to the house.

Rating: a 14-year


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