‘The rescue’: Chris Hemsworth promises action scenes ‘never seen before’ – 16/04/2020


With all the cinemas in the world closed because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, and major transactions brought forward, and the way it has been appealing to to the internet. And it’s a great “debut” in this strange season, it’s the “Rescue”. Starring Chris “Thor” Hemsworth, the film comes to Netflix in the next 24-hour day. As the name already says, the film is cheeeeio of the action.

Also, that is the director’s, Sam Hargrave, who makes his debut in the direction of coordinating the work of parts I-iii of the various films in the Marvel universe. In the video, given exclusively to the YOUTUBE for the Series, and Chris, the director, the screenwriter, Joe Russo —yes, the director of the “Ii: Ultimatum” (2019), and the “Avengers: Infinite War” (2018)— say-the-scenes action, so make the most of the brucutus to cry.

Hargrave lifted up the athletic build of his star, who is speaking with David Harbour (the one with Jim Hopper in “Stranger Things”):

We wanted to test the limits and do something that people haven’t seen it. The ongoing challenge was to raise the rail to the movies in the action, and how to do it safely. We wanted to bring it up to make the most of the scenes

Already, Hemsworth, who is seen jumping from a building, the most high, and he had to repeat the scene five to 15 times during the recording process, in India and Bangladesh and was very happy with the result. Oh, yes, they will tell you that the movie is not worth the special effects were done in post-production, and filming in a studio with chroma-key (the popular “green”):

Did it work for you, because in the fight scenes, in the hope of achieving something that no one else has done before. I think that the general public is going to be very impressed with this movie

But it is wrong to think that the film is shot, you’ll see water. It’s the one that swears Hargrave:

We wanted to connect it to the action of the story.

In the story, Hemsworth is What Rake, which is acting as a soldier of fortune in the black market. According to the synopsis, the officer, “that has nothing to lose, he accepts a mission to rescue the child kidnapped from the boss of the crime are in jail. But, in the sinister underworld of drug traffickers, weapons and drugs, the task seems to be impossible. One thing is for sure, the life of a Rake, and the boy will never be the same again”.

Derek Luke (“13 Reasons Why”) and Golshifteh Farahani (“the Pirates of the Caribbean: The Revenge of the New”) round out the cast.