The SUPREME court believes that the mayors and governors may impose isolation


A majority of the justices of the Supreme Federal Court has expressed itself in favour of the autonomy of states and municipalities to enact more restrictive measures (such as quarantine, closure of shops and other) in the fight against the pandemic, the Covid-19. During the virtual session of the Court held on Wednesday (15) was formed by a majority of six votes, after the onset of the ministers Marco Aurélio Mello, Alexandre de Moraes, Edson Fachin, Rosa Weber and Luiz Fux, and Carmen, Lucia, who had voted for the maintenance of a preliminary injunction is granted at the end of the first quarter. The action is called into question portions of the eo 926, which left them in the position of the european Union’s definition of what essential services were to stay open, regardless of the measures of isolation adopted by the governors and mayors of cities. Even though they said the measure is constitutional, all the ministers have decided that it is not to centralise decision-making about social isolation in the european Union.