The Walking Dead and the launch of the week-Netflix


Back in April, like other months, the Series promises to please those fans, with the return of the productions are world famous, such as La Casa, in the Paper, and even the launch of a new original.

One of the big releases of the week, the streaming service is in the 9th season of the Walking Dead.

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In addition to the well-known selection for tv shows and movies, Netflix also offers to its subscribers in the April of products to anyone who likes to cook and who also loves the classics.

Check out below the complete list of the releases in the Series for the remainder of the nation.

The Midnight Gospel (20/4/2020)

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Based on the interviews and on the podcast, the Duncan Trussell Family Hour, the, this animated series follows the presenter’s space is a journey across the galaxy in search of the meaning of life.

The Planet Weird (22/4/2020)

A list of the animals and the weird, and the Mother Nature is telling the story in this entertaining series of science that explores the life of the most incredible animals on Earth.

Fauda: Season 3 (16/4/2020)

Doron handles with a young boxer during a long undercover mission in search of the leader of the Palestinians.

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The Outer Banks (15/4/2020)

A group of teens discover an ancient secret, and embarks on an adventure you won’t forget.

The After Life – are You going to have to swallow it (24/4/2020)

In the series of the dramedy follows the widow of Tony (Ricky Gervais). In season 2, he’s still struggling with grief over the loss of his wife, but since you try to treat a best friend.

The Last Kingdom: Season 4 (26/4/2020)

Edward and Aethelflaed to discuss the future of Mercia, and the dream of an England friendly. Uhtred tries to win back her birthright.

I’ve Never… (27/4/2020)

The comedy about the life of an american teenager, the daughter of the indian was inspired by the childhood of comedian, actress and writer Mindy Kaling.

The Walking Dead-Season 9 (15/4/2020)

By the end of the war, with many expected the game to be able to overcome their differences. But the danger comes at you from all sides and is a threat to the peace in the newly conquered.

Cooking with Nadiya (29/4/2020)

In this series, food, Nadiya Hussain, and brings the tips of brilliant ingredients for a fantastic and fun quick are ideal to save time without ruining your appetite.

The revenue of the Good (20/4/2020)

The Chefs race to stop the presenter and the guests doidões, with its cuisine based on cannabis, a lot of the herbal tetrahydrocannabinol in the world for cannabidiol.

Sergio (17/4/2020)

In the wake of the u.s. invasion of Iraq, the UN diplomat Sergio Vieira de Mello, Wagner Moura) is facing the mission in the most treacherous of his career.

The rescue 24/4/2020)

What a Rake (Chris Hemsworth) is a mercenary with nothing to lose, having been recruited to rescue the son of the boss of the mafia who is in jail.

Rich in Love (30/4/2020)

In the company of the father, and no one knows what the Ceiling is, the son of the owner. But things get complicated when he falls in love with Paula, and he says that he came from a poor family. Featuring Giovanna Lancellotti, Danilo Mesquita, Fernanda Paes Leme, Lellê, and The Griphao.

Lies Are Dangerous (30/4/2020)

A caretaker with no money to inherit, the property of the old man who answered. But the heritage comes with dark secrets, deceit, and danger.

In the stillness of the Marsh (22/4/2020)

The author of the crime novels she discovers the links between the politicians and the local mafia is in Valencia (Spain), and is involved in a kidnapping in real. Pedro Alonso is The Home of the Paper).

Made in America (26/4/2020)

A pilot becomes an informant for the CIA and is using his contacts in the government to smuggle in cocaine for Pablo Escobar. And With Tom Cruise.

Hot, Beautiful & Sexy (30/4/2020)

The four friends, exchanging tips, to seek out and maintain relationships in Rio de Janeiro, a city so glamorous as they are. With Carolinie Figueiredo, Cacau Protásio, Lyv Ziese and her Own.

The father, in the Double-Dose (27/4/2020)

One-step, well-intentioned you receive is the ex-husband’s macho to be his wife. It was a visit to the family as soon descamba in a war, the father against his father. Starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell.

The father, in a Double Dose of the 2 – (27/4/2020)

Life was going very well for both the parents sharing the child rearing, until they get to the grandparents. For a macho role, and the other is soft too. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, John Lithgow, and Mel Gibson.

Maurício Meirelles painting: Taking in the Chaos (16/4/2020)

The comedian Mauricio Meirelles starts the laughter of the audience in this stand-up recorded at St. Paul’s.

The DNA of the Justice (15/4/2020)

The Innocence Project shows the errors for a series of convictions of a criminal flawed, and brings to the fore the injustice imposed on the victims and the accused.

Behind the Bookcase (22/4/2020)

During the last four decades, the discrete-couple-Karen and Barry Mason, commander of the Circus of Books, a sex shop in Los Angeles, which has become a reference for the local gay community.

Secret, secret, and Forbidden (29/4/2020)

When you fall in love in the year 1947, as two women (Pat, Henschel, and played baseball and Terry Donahue) will start you on a journey of 65 years, the love, and the overcoming of prejudices.

Mercy – The Story of Cyntoia Brown, 29/4/2020)

At 16, Cyntoia Brown has been sentenced to life in prison. But the questions about his background, his physiology and the law, they put their guilt into question.

The Brothers Of The Book (22/4/2020)

In this animation, the four children who have been abandoned by their parents selfish, they learn to adapt to their values as “old-fashioned” in the contemporary world.

4, Against the Apocalypse: Book 2 (17/4/2020)

Jack, June, & Amp;, and Dirk set off to find the zombies-lost, returning to the city, and maybe – just maybe – dig out a spot in the class, the laid-back.

Hi Ninja: Season 2 (24/4/2020)

Based on the book by N. D. Wilson and Forrest Dickison, Was a Ninja brings out the best of friends, Maria and Georgie, solving problems and saving the day like little ninjas.

Stuart Little 2 (15/4/2020)

Follow the adorable little mouse, at the same time, in his hilarious misadventures with his brother, a human, George, in the hectic wake of the great success in 1999.

Barbie’s Dreamhouse Adventure: Roberts And Destroyed!: Season 1 (17/4/2020)

The Roberts family is going to Costa Rica to investigate the legend of a mermaid. Barbie started working at a golf course operated by a professional will be dishonest.

All paths lead to Rome, 17/4/2020)

Once you know a little more about the history of Italy, He tries to demonstrate his or her knowledge. But her curiosity ends up leading to a mine that is full of challenges.

The mines of Mystery, 17/4/2020)

Among the hidden treasures and historic sites of Italy, He wants to make his own discovery, and set out on a journey back to an ancient legend.

Drifting To Date (30/4/2020)

Dragons are on the menu, the crew, on the Thursday in the Zaza goes on a hunting trip. If you fail, on an empty stomach will be the least of your problems.