“This Is Drake”: a Partnership with Kevin and Chris enters in a playlist, an official at the Drake on Spotify


Kevin, I was so successful in Brazil, “It is”, which caught the attention of Drake, and that he was excited for the launch of a partnership with the music. So it came to pass, and the launch took place in November, 2019 at the latest. Since then, the song was featured on Spotify in Brazil and to have debuted in the top 100 in the Uk.

Continuing with the disclosure, “It is” is now on the playlist is “This Is Drake,” on Spotify. This is a collection of songs for the platform, typically to do with all of the great artists, such as only the tracks that are essential. Now, She’s like” you are in the midst of the great hits such as “In My Feelings”, “God’s Plans”, the “One Dance”, and “L Bling, big international success.

“It Is Of the Type that is in the 5th position in the playlist, which has 3 million followers. And with that, the hit was promoted, and went to a 28 billion streams per day in the application for a 67 million.

On the remix, this is an important step in the exportation of the funk and into the world. Artists have often been approached by big-name foreigners wanting to explore the style of music, you can make it to the next reggaeton in terms of the sense in the world.

The partnership of nathan Drake, and Kevin and Chris went on during the Rock in Rio festival and it came from canada. “I can tell you that it’s a great dream has been realized, and my idol and recording a composition of mine by my side. I can only say thank you,” wrote Kevin on the social networks, when you commit to the collaboration.