watch the lyric video for “Down To Hell”, the new song from the band


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For Matthew Barr, Source: Blabbermouth
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The Asking Alexandria have released the lyric video with the lyrics of the song from “Down To Hell”, the new song from the band to the british. The music video was released on the official channel of the record label Sumerian Records on Youtube.

Asking Alexandria: listen to “They Don’t Want What We Want (And They Don’t Care) Heaven & Hell: mysteries and self-censorship on the cover of the album

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“Down to Hell” is a part of the next release of the Askin Alexandria, “Like A House On Fire,” which is due for release on the 15th of may. Check out the tracklist for “Like A House On Fire.”

“House On Fire”
“They Don’t Want What We Want”
“Down To Hell”
“I Don’t Need You!”
“All Due Respect”
“Take Some Time”
“One Turns To It.”
“It’s Not Me It’s You”
“Here’s to Starting Over
“What’s Gonna Be -“
“Give You Up”
“In My Blood”
The “And / Or”