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Silvio Santos (Photo: Illustration By Victor Amirabile)

The culture of the free Silvio Santos (Illustration by Victor Amirabile)

If you have not yet been terminated, wait for itit is quite probable that the time is still to come. It only talks about a “culture of cancellations” on the social networks, TV, newspapers). But, after all, that’s what it’s all about? The term refers to either the boycott or the voice of someone else, especially a public figure on social networking sites. It is a movement that started on the internet, but it can have an impact on the offline life, on the in real life. It all begins with the talk or actions that might hurt the moral of the beliefs, but the beliefs of one person or a group of the prejudices, the violence, or to remain silent in the situations considered to be important to you.

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On December 8, 2019 at the latest: the presenter, Silvio Santos, has been cancelled, on Twitter, after being accused of racism. In the framework of music, the singer is a black Jennyfer, Oliver has received 84 votes from the audience, and in the second place, only eight of them. Silvio Santos has given up the prize of $ 500 for all 4 participants and a bonus of the same amount in the second place, what he considered to be “beautiful”. All of the other candidates were white. One of the presenters at the country’s most popular, was cancelled (again!), even without an official profile on the social networks.

 Anitta (Photo: Illustration By Victor Amirabile)

The culture of free Anitta (Illustration by Victor Amirabile)

A little bit of time for the cancellation is directed exclusively from top to bottom, from the powerful to the powerless. But, right now, where anyone with an account on Twitter or on Facebook you can be a publisher, and the ban has been substantially democratized. “Why are people white when they are challenged, you label the practice as a narrow-minded, and turn it into a “culture”, but if you forget the fact that the practices are now posted, if they are based on centuries of exclusion, and the humiliation of a black-on-black? It doesn’t strike me also that a large proportion of the ‘victims’ of the culture of the cancellation, are inside and that it was cancelled, just from the traces of the privilege than explicit,” says the sociology and master’s in Anthropology, WHO, of Isaac’s Palm.

There is a contradiction at the same time to cancel it. The cancellation requires a one-act performance, an announcement that someone, a company or group is terminated. This brings to attention the cancelled that, too often, end up gaining followers before they knew of its existence: “The majority (of the cancellations) are just noise on the internet it makes a proportion so large that it had to be in fact canceled, ignored, forgotten, being, person, or brand, has recently gained more visibility and also the audience in social networks”, sentencia specialist at the digital marketing Show. City.

The culture of a free Mouth of the Rose | Taylor Swift (Photo: Illustration by Victor Amirabile)

The culture of a free Mouth of the Rose | Taylor Swift (Illustration by Victor Amirabile)

The youtuber Julius Cocielo tweeted by 2018 for the World Cup: “Mbappé be able to do a fishnet top on the beach eh”. It has been “cancelled” by a court of the internet, as the prosecutor of São Paulo has asked for the payment of a fine in the amount of$ 7 million in damage to a social group. Then he said sorry. “Never to be repeated! I apologize to you publicly for having offended many people,” he said Cocielo. Currently, the youtuber has 8 million followers on Twitter and a channel on YouTubeChannel Bastardwith more than 19 million followers. Their numbers are constantly increasing, but at the time she lost contracts with the companies that sponsored.

“The cancellations started to give to the people a fear of being abandoned. There are people now-a-days it’s much more subdued in words, in attitudes, in fear of being the next one to be canceled,” says Maira teixeira de Azevedo, in the Aunt’s Poor, editor, and empowering the digital divide with half a million followers on Instagram. With the cancellation, so it has some efficacy?

The journalist and the producer of the content Right from the Kings, who dealt with the subject in the podcast Mash to Coolsays that this is because “the part that gets it wrong it ends up not learning anything. Or you can cancel and put someone else at the cost of truth, or that a person learns from their mistakes.”

The culture of the cancellation, is Still on the Borel | Kanye West | Hugo Gloss (Photo: Illustration by Victor Amirabile)

The culture of the cancellation, is Still on the Borel | Kanye West | Hugo Gloss (Illustration by Victor Amirabile)

The a-list-of-cancelled-of-2019 you used in the profiles for Twitter had a Anitta, Hugo Gloss, click on the name of Maia, the Mc Gui Nego do Borel, Kanye West’s Mouth is Pink and the other celebrities of the art world or on the internet. We are in the 4th month of the year 2020, and Alessandra Negrini has been cancelled by the dress of the indians. By Dr. Dráuzio Varela, was at first exalted to bring the history of trans women in the prison, and after he was questioned, and ‘cancelled out’ by presenting the case of a woman, a trans, that he had been guilty of a heinous crime. On the internet, exalted, and destroy their careers. Two-hundred-and-eighty-the character to have.

“I left a list of the cancelled and terminated and the reason for it was “by Hugo Gloss’. I I really like it. You want to say that I am bothering them, without any effort on your part, just working on it. It just shows how much is free, and I stayed in the cancellation policy. It’s a ” bullying 2.0”, he says, the influencer, Hugo Gloss, which has some 23 million followers on its social networks together.

Silenced voices, which suffer from acts of violence and boycotts are real, they claim their space and respect on social media. In this way, have found a way to be visible in society. Women, black people, Lgbt persons, and indigenous people meet on the internet is a place to talk and be listened to. The “culture of cancellations”, especially in Brazil, through the activities of these groups, which have been and are marginalized in the quest for respect. “I am a black woman. I am cancelled on, historically. But we’re going to finding alternatives to stand there and not give up. My cancellation will not happen in a social network. This is a cancel, in real life,” says Maira teixeira de Azevedo.

“The big message of this culture is for artists, public figures, companies can understand what people are aware of and mobilized to speak out against those things that you don’t believe in, or defending, the conclusion Right from the King.

There is no denying the power and reach of the so-called “culture of cancellations”. What will happen in the future from this point on, it’s just speculation. Who will be the next one? Who will actually be stopped? What consequences will it bring for us?

“The other day, by accident, I wanted to fight for the cancellation of the feature, and when I saw it, I was retiring. I deleted it all and let it go,” he says of the influencer and presenter of the TV channel, the SHOW Caio Braz.

To cancel or talk? That is the question.

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