12 monthly payments of$199 | 8 days Package to GREECE to visit Athens and Greece in 2021


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Greece is one of the countries with a longer history of the civilization. A lot of the western culture he was born there thousands of years ago. And you can take advantage of your holidays to get to know some of the past, with a promotional package from the agency, Hurb, which provides the starting of the 8 days in Athens, Greece with airfares and accommodation for travel in 2021!

On the package

Call of the Pack-in Date is Flexible, with the Hurb has 8, 12, or 15, daily, in Greece, in the following way: you you you you you purchase, the service, and you receive via e-mail, a form on which you are going to choose three dates in which you want to make the trip. It can be any day between the 1st of march and the 30th of November, the least in July or on public holidays. Then just sit back and wait for the return to the agency with all the information about your trip, made up to 45 days prior to the first date that you have chosen.

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In Greece, you’re going to spend 3 days in Athens, with accommodation and breakfast included at the Hotel, or the hotel of the same category. During this period, you may be able to get to know the Athens, ancient Agora of Athens, Temple of Olympian Zeus, and many other archaeological sites. After that, you are more than 5 days in Santorini at the Acqua Vatos Hotel, or the hotel of the same category. At the second location, you may want to take a walk on the css, html, famous for photos and film making in Greece.

In the case of non-availability of these hotels, a stay is in the hotel of the same category a standard 3 star hotel with breakfast in the morning.

The flight of the promotional package will depart for the following capital cities: Brasilia, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The stretches between the cities of Athens and Santorini are included in the package, and will be operated by Air or by Ferry-Boat, by means of the tariff, and availability.

Take advantage of the offer, to get to know Greece!

On the promotional package of the Hurb, you’ll be able to get to know the Greece, and one of the oldest countries in the world, ” by only R$ 2,399, payable in up to 12 times that of the$ 199 on the docket. Remember that the package will include airfares, accommodation with breakfast and transfers between the two cities.

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