4 times that Joey was really bad with the ladies


In spite of being a great friend, the character that Matt LeBlanc wasn’t very good at dealing with the feelings of others

Friends he entered the history of TELEVISION to create a narrative, engaging, and charismatic characters. Over the course of 10 seasons, they have all the fun with the adventures of the Ross, I, Joey, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe.

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Joey Tribbiani (Matt Le Blanc), in particular, has captured the affection of the audience for the show is always cheerful and a loyal friend. On the other hand, it was also the character of an idiot with predatory tendencies, and if you are a good friend, wasn’t very good at dealing with the feelings of others.

Check out the article, 4 times Joey it was really bad with the ladies:

He went out with Lauren for a cause, Kate

Joey seemed to be insanely attracted to your colleague, Kate Miller. But it is only after the men are at their brightest. She was hanging out with the director of the play, Marshall Townend, and have often disagreed with Joey, during the trial. There was a chemistry between the two of them, no one could deny it, but Joey’s chosen a dishonest means of getting water. When it’s a replacement for Kate, Lauren, and called Joey out on a date, he immediately sensed the opportunity at hand. He accepted it, just to make Kate jealous.

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Teamed up with Monica for a separate, Angela, and Bob

Joey called Ross out on a date, only to separate, Angela Delvecchio, and her boyfriend, Bob. In the past, and he’s going out with Angela, but he was bored, and ended up with it, too. After that, he invited her to go out again, but she was on a date with Bob. So don’t get down, Who invited her to a double date with their respective partners. On that day, he had convinced Monica to go into business with him. In the absence of Angela, Who spoke ill of her, to Alice, telling her that she was making a noise while eating, like a squirrel, or a weasel.

Confronted demonic powers to impress Ms

Joey had thought that the twin sister of Phoebe, Ursula, I liked it, and, well, he thought it was attractive. By following the advice of Chandler, ” Joey said to Phoebe, if she was okay with that. However, she clearly looked uncomfortable with the situation, but Joey continued on with his attacks. He did not come to the birthday party for Phoebe to stay with Ms, because I didn’t want to do anything that would spoil their relationship.

Used in the video for the birthday of her to win over girls 18 years old

On the one year anniversary of Emma, Ross and Rachel made a video for her when she reached the age of 18 years old, and they all participated in the program, including Joey. But he took it to another level, one in the front of Emma’s father. The first sentence he said was, “Eighteen, huh?” When Ross raised his voice, Joey said that it was for the friends of Emma’s.

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