6 things you didn’t know about Carmen Sandiego


It’s hard to imagine that anyone these days still are not familiar with the character of Carmen Sandiego. Whether it be by her clothing, the red, iconic, their criminal charges would be unimaginable and your theme song is unforgettable, and the legacy of the franchise Carmen Sandiego is still very much alive, for more than three decades ago.

In the decade of the 1990s, the increasing affordability of home computers, has caused a tendency to mix education and entertainment, where companies are attempting to use computer games to teach the children and convince their parents that it was not a bad thing.

Starting with the release of the game Where is Carmen Sandiego?this franchise, the adventure turned into one of the systems of geography education the most recognized in the world. Filled with various stories and activities are focused on the crimes of Sandiego, and the players had to use the geographical information, and, at times, in a review in the world to track down the criminal and all around the world.

To celebrate its humble origins in PC gaming, and its impact on the entertainment industry across generations, here are a few things you probably didn’t know about Carmen Sandiego.

6. The creators of the game don’t want it to be rated as “educational” for a reason, curious

After the release of the Where is Carmen Sandiego?the developers believe that the game will become more and more popular among all the parents is to be approached as an adventure game, not an educational. The programmer Dane Bigham explained that the idea behind all of this, saying, “we didn’t want to call it educational, for it would imply that the game was boring. For this reason, it is ironic to see that he or she has been charged as an educational game in the course of the year, and even though that was not our goal.”

Ironically, it is because of marketing and word-of-mouth on the part of educators, and the game has gained popularity among school systems in the entire territory of the united states. From then on, the game Carmen Sandiego has been an integral part of geography education in the schools of the USA, and have been used to supplement the educational curriculum.

5. The curious origin of its name

According to an article published on the website Kotaku, and the writer David Siefkin, said: “I’m an exotic name, and I took it out of the singer Carmen Miranda and the adorable dog of the same name, which used to belong to my old roommates in san Francisco.

While singer Carmen Miranda, had in origin, Portuguese-brazilian, David chose to take with the last name Sandiego for the character to leave to clear his / her lineage societies. Your nationality is not only served as a way to differentiate a character, but his name also brought with it additional benefits, such as an easy to used by the inhabitants of the country do not speak the language of hispanic origin.

4. Its origins are surrounded in mystery

Fans of the Carmen Sandiego are already familiar with the fact that the character is always involved in mysteries, and that it can be easily noticed even in the beginning. Even though his full name (that is, in fact, is Carmen Isabella Sandiego) will remain the same over the years, she has never had a story set up.

The more you accept his story, he says that he was a criminal mastermind, and a great enemy of the detective agency, ACME. Running their own criminal organization called V. I. L. E., she makes the most of a cast of villains to help him steal the artifacts from around the world.

However, games developed later have gone to the show several inconsistencies with regard to its history. For example, one version says that she was an orphan and was raised by The Chief, the head of the ORGANIZATIONS. Previous editions of the game have rewritten their story, and develop it as an agent, had agency, and break their family ties with the leader of the ORGANIZATIONS. But, in spite of their history of inconsistent, and she has always been portrayed as a bad guy clever, able to steal national monuments, and the great west.

3. Sandra Bullock came close to interpreting the characters in a movie by Disney

For the account of the series of video games, game shows, and animated series, the Carmen Sandiego has become one of the characters most recognized in the decade of the 1990’s. With her red jacket, her trademark, and she went on to be a character that is easily identifiable in any way. As a result, more opportunities to cash in on the new have begun to emerge, perhaps because, as well as any of the series or the character of the popular Hollywood loves to turn popularity into cash.

At the end of the 90’s, the Walt Disney Pictures it was the first one to try to bring Carmen Sandiego to the big screen. In fact, Disney bought the rights to the show, and even went as far as to plan to climb to Sandra Bullock to play the lead role. Unfortunately, the project never left the planning stages and the film was never produced.

2. For a movie that was designed by Jennifer Lopez

In a second attempt to bring Carmen Sandiego to the big screen, in the Walden Media bought the rights to the series in 2011. For this project, the actress Jennifer Lopez was introduced as the producer, and it is possible the actress was the protagonist of the project.

His initial plan was to take advantage of the success of the film with mystery and adventure, were popular in the 2000’s, inspired by movies such as Thomas Crown – A Arte do Crime. The problem with this is that there has been little news about the project since then, except for the information that Lopez isn’t going to be playing the lead role.

1. In the series of Carmen Sandiego in the Series has been very well received

In April 2017 at the earliest, it emerged that Netflix had acquired the rights to Carmen Sandiego, with the intention of producing a new animated series. The rumors also suggested that the series was based on the iconic franchise of educational computer games, followed by Sandiego as she has traveled around the world by stealing the national treasures.

The first season was released on the 18th of January, 2019, and received rave reviews, mostly are positive. A second season was released on October 1, 2019 at the latest.

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