A Baby in Brazil, and the festival Concert are featured at the end of the week


SWILL PAULO, SP, brazil (FOLHAPRESS) – With the development of coronavirus, the cultural activities are not suspended as a whole. In this scenario, the artists and producers are making shows, home-made is transmitted in social media, premieres of the film have been migrated to the live stream, TELEVISION channels have opened up their signs, the museum, promote virtual visits and video shows, dance, and theater have been available on the internet.

To improve his blocking, we have prepared a list of the shows online, it can take up to the end of the week, and this Friday (the 17th) to Sunday (the 19th). You have the first Pictured in the series of the lives of the Sheet, with the invited to a Baby in Brazil, and is One of the World: Together, at Home, the biggest musical event since the start of the pandemic, under the guardianship of Lady Gaga and a squad that’s going to kill the demons Eilish Stevie Wonder. Good show.

When you Live in the House: a Baby in Brazil

This Friday (the 17th), the film gets to be the singer Baby do Brasil, for an interview and a musical performance by a live on-site and on the YouTube channel of the journal. The singer will remind your partner of a New city locals and a friend of Moraes Moreira, who had died at the beginning of this week, and will also talk to you about how you are experiencing it in the vault of the new coronavirus, and in your decades long career in music.

The transmission is controlled by a special reporter Nina Phase, it starts at 17h and it’s the first one shown in the project By Living in the Home, number of lives, and the Sheet with the interview, services, tips, and live music.

YouTube video: youtube.com/Folha

Album-Live At Home

The magazine uses it in the video section of Facebook to broadcast the presentations with home. They have made the page, and artists such as JoJo, Lauren Jauregui, and Cold War Kids this Friday (the 17th), they also play the american singer Pete yorn mobile, to 14, and the canadian She-Face, for 16 hours.

Facebook: @billboard

Columbia’s Livestreams

The record company, the american arm of the giant, Sony, and promotes, on Friday (the 17th), the show’s american Development XCII, and a set from Diplo, and on the Saturday (the 18th), a new transmission of the DJ as a member of Major Lazer.

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Instagram: @columbiarecords

David Guetta

The DJ is the French stream-of-set-of-two-hours-on a Saturday (the 18th), starting at 19h, in order to raise funds for the victims of the coronavirus.

YouTube video: youtube.com/davidguetta

Instagram: @davidguetta

Diplo and Major Lazer

The well-known producer in the u.s. broadcasts of DJ sets on Friday and Saturday at 0h on his YouTube page. Topics of the presentations in your home, they are baptized by the names such as “Corona” the Sabbath,” and “Coronight Fever” and is part of the Corona, the World Tour broadcast, with guests such as Dillon, Frances, and Rhye. On Sundays, when the set gain in the name of “A Very Leisurely Sunday, and at 19, in in page of a Major Leisure group, of which it is a part of it.

Diplo: smarturl.it/CoronaSabbath and facebook.com/diplo/live_videos

Major Lazer: facebook.com/majorlazer/live_videos


The album is one of the biggest names in samba from the current broadcasts live on Sunday (19), for 16 hours, and collect donations for the families affected by the coronavirus.

YouTube: bit.ly/2VddFHY

Facebook: facebook.com/OficialFerrugem

The Festival AmazôniaS

Starting this Friday (the 22nd), the festival promotes an exchange between artist and activist from the north of the country. In the musical, there is a set of by Daniel Ganjaman, which opens the event at 22h, the show, the duo of Singer Colleague, and Anélis the Assumption, on Sunday, the 19th, at 19.

Instagram: @festivalamazonias

The Festival Jewel

In the event that the 12-hour keeps his schedule on a Sunday (the 19th), and puts together a team that includes Pedro Miranda (12), Vidal Assis (13), Veronica Ferriani (17), and Ana cristina Costa, which is close to the day of the lives, the voice, and the guitar at 21.

Instagram: @festivaljoiarara

Festival #ZiriguidumEmCasa

After 143 shows streamed online, up to now, the festival is the fifth edition. From today until Sunday (19), there are artists such as Leila Pinheiro, who sings it in this Friday (the 17th), at 21, and a Ekena, which begins with the concert at 19 pm on the Sunday (the 19th).

Schedule: ziriguidum.com


On Friday (the 17th), at 20, the band releases the “QuarentEmo”, with the live, that goes for many songs, so many of his career as “a guy Who Makes you Smile” and “Since When have You Been”, as well as the more recent ones, are found on the disc, “Your Happiness has Been Canceled,” in the past year.

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YouTube video: youtube.com/fresnorock

Large Home-Spa-by Set.

The two brands join forces to promote the festival, between the days 18 and 25, who seeks to endorse the initiative in reform as Well, which helps to the bars, which have their revenues reduced by the coronavirus. Clarice Falcão, Tássia Reis, Kick the Beat, and Silva are in their broadcasts, and 45 minutes in the opening game of the event on the Saturday (18th) from 16h to 22h.

YouTube video: youtube.com/queremostv

Facebook: facebook.com/heinekenbrasil

Istagram: @heinekenbr


The festival, which will happen between the 3rd and the 5th of April, and it was pushed back until December, is the second edition of the lives, and on the YouTube channel. At this time, the main idea is to represent on the stage, e Perry, s by Doritos, with Dj’s such as Evokings, Victor, Lou, Chemical Surf, and Dubdogz play from the 16 to 1: 30 on a Sunday (the 19th). The lives of the first edition are available on the channel.

YouTube video: youtube.com/LollapaloozaBR

One World: Together At Home

Alanis Morissette, Andrea Bocelli, Billie Eilish, Chris Martin, Elton John, Lizzo, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Taylor Swift, and The Killers are just some of the names of the giants who appear in the lineup for the megafestival, created by singer-songwriter Lady Gaga, with the support of a Global Citizen, an NGO in the alleviation of poverty. Straight from their houses on a Saturday (the 18th), and the singers, comedians and presenters are getting their shares from the 15.

YouTube: bit.ly/3ahPBYF

Other lives: globalcitizen.org

Patio, SP

The famous bar in Vila Madalena, which was closed due to the new coronavirus, take your car, head to Instagram and is expected to the lives with the singers on the album. On Friday (the 17th), tap on the group in the Right doses, at 19 pm, and on Saturday (the 18th) at around 17, now it’s the time of Joel, Trinity, to sing.

Instagram: @patiospbar

Popload Live

The website has also promoted dialogues and sessions on music every day, at 17, with such artists as Clarice Falcão, and is Characterized by Sater, on the Suit of the King. The schedule will not be disclosed in advance, but just go to Instagram to check out the next guest.

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Instagram: @poploadmusic

Roberto Carlos

The singer made his first live, on Sunday (the 19th), to celebrate the first anniversary of the the age of 79. The show is announced, but it will take 45 minutes, and the first three songs are to be transmitted at the same time in the TV World.

YouTube: bit.ly/2VB5Zy3


This Friday (the 17th), at 17, the Swedish singer turns to the quarantine on the dance floor with classics from his career like “Dancing on My Own”, and in their channels, from Facebook and Youtube.

Facebook: facebook.com/robyn

YouTube video: youtube.com/Robynmusic

The living room of the House

The Casa Natura, the Music promotes the concerts of about 20 minutes, during the whole of the quarantine, from Friday to Sunday at 19h. The project, which embraces artists from different genres and parts of the country, and has upcoming shows Àttooxxá, said on Friday (17), from Him, on the Saturday (the 18th), and she Holds on a Sunday (the 19th).

Instagram: @casanaturamusical

The Cloud Bar

The one titled “bar to 100% in the cloud,” seeks to recover the atmosphere of a night club, with shows, discotecagens, festivals, and online discussion boards. The first week the musical line-up continues on Friday (the 17th), at 19, with a DJ set by Bhaskar on Saturday (the 18th), with a set of Luísa Viscardi, at 19 pm, and the concert of Rashid, 20, and on Sunday, the 19th, with the live hip hop music Fióti, at 13, and it is a foretaste of the feast of the Holy is Strong, to 17.

Instagram: @thecloud.the bar

Workshow Live

On Sunday, the 19th, at ten YouTube channels to transmit at the same time, more than six hours of music for the event, which brings together Linda Thomas, who is its author, and Ze Neto & Cristiano, Leo Santana, Maiara & Lucas, João Neto & Frederico, Dilsinho, not being able to Stay and Maurílio, Diego & Victor Hugo, Paulo,&, Nathan and john both stay. You can choose which channel to access and watch all of the shows, starting at 19h.

YouTube: @diegoevictorhugo, @dilsinhocomposicao, @joaonetoefrederico, @EstiloLSOficial, @luizaemaurilio, @maiaramaraisaoficial, @marianafagundesMF, @mariliamendoncareal, @Paulosoaresrocker I zncoficial