Adam Sandler gets a day of special programming to the TV


One of the biggest names in comedy-Adam Sandler will win a special day on the screen of the Warner Channel! On Sunday, the 19th of April, the channel displays in the “specialA day with Adam Sandler“a marathon in five a long in the film sequence. Including titles such as Click-and-Wife-Of-make-believe, the schedule will be on the air from 12h20.

Check out the full line-up:

12h20: Tune In to the Love

The scene of the Tuned in to Love

Robbie Hart is the lead singer of a rock band and earns his living by singing at weddings, where her charm and charisma, just make it a big hit among the part of the city. And it’s just a party, he meets a waitress, Julia Sullivan. He immediately feels attracted to the young girl, but, as it is a wedding, Robbie’s resolve to keep his distance from the girl.

14: 15: Click

The scene now.

Michael Newman is an architect and workaholic who finds a universal remote control. At the time, the control objects are electronic, it is able to take control of situations in your life. The problems occur when the object starts to also check out the choices for Michael.

16h20: Zohan – The Agent is Good at Cutting

A scene from the Zohan: an Agent of Good in the Court

A secret agent of the Mossad (Adam Sandler), the us agency for Israel, and forge his own death. The intention is to be able to resurface under a new identity, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and with a new job: a world famous hair stylist in New York city that focus on the personalities, such as singer Mariah Carey.

18h25: As If it Were The First Time

The scene, As If it Were the First Time

Henry (Adam Sandler) is a veterinarian paquerador, who lives on the big island of Hawaii. He loves to get to know the girls that are there, passing through, passing through on holiday. Until he meets Lucy (Drew Barrymore), with whom he falls in love with. He has to win her heart every day, as Lucy suffers from a “lack-of-memory, short-term, rather than recent events

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20h15: the Wife Of make-believe

The scene of the Wife of make-believe

While on a trip to Hawaii, a plastic surgeon convinces his loyal assistant to pretend it’s his ex-wife in the divorce proceedings. It does this in order to cover up a lie that he said to the girl in whom you are interested in, and create more of an interest in it. But he’s going to encounter a few issues to maintain the lie, and to see that many things are not as he had hoped.

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