Alicia Keys talks about when he was embarrassed, after JAY-Z’s request for a re-recording of the song


Alicia Keys has had to redo his vocals upon the request of Jay-Z.

Singer from New York, Alicia Keys made a grand chorus in the song “Empire State Of Mind” by JAY-Z, causing him to gain his first to hit no. 1 as a main artist on the Billboard Hot 100, but the collaboration has had quite a few obstacles along the way. In an interview with Ebro Darden , the way it was originally intended to 1, a singer in New York, he talked about how he almost lost the opportunity, but he added that they also needed to re-record his vocals on the track.

While discussing his new book, and More, to Myself: The Journey , Keys of the thought of Jay having any problems to contact her. “It’s pretty crazy when you look back and see how things are in the world,” she said. “At first, for a minute, not even he would be reunited with him, because he couldn’t find me. He was unable to get in touch with me for any reason at the time. People are different, in the middle of the whole thing… just Imagine that this song almost didn’t happen. ”

She continued by sharing that her vocals were not on point in the beginning. “In fact, I recorded it in Los Angeles, and I think that was the problem,” he said of the Video at Darden. “You’re not supposed to write a song about New York city and in Los Angeles. In addition to that, I was sick. A little bit sick, not so much. I still couldn’t sing, so I did it again”.

When Jay heard the recording of the song was put in the weird position of asking for the Keys to refizesse his voice. “He calls me back saying ‘could You sing it again?’ And I was like, ‘what?’ ”Most of the video he said, adding that he had asked her to bring some of the jam. “I was a little embarrassed about it… But it kind of had to. ”

“Empire State of Mind” was a historical story, before you even get the Keys. The song was originally written by Angela Hunte and Janet Sewell-Ulepic, who sent in the label from Jay’s Roc Nation. The song kept up the pace and recorded the song with his own verse, before deciding to whom it should replace the vocals, Hunte on the song.

Jay has shared the book for their collection of the biggest hits of 2010 , he originally considered recruiting a Mary J. Blige for the chorus of the song, the winner of the Grammy awards. “I was within two seconds of the call, for Mary, and the tone of the piano still remained as I was, and I was like, ‘This is Her,’” he wrote.

“Empire State of Mind” has spent five straight weeks in first place on the billboard Hot 100 and won a Grammy for Best Rap Song and Best Collaboration Rap / Sung. It has become an anthem for the New York Yankees during the playoffs in 2009. Jay and the Keys were presented prior to game 2 of the World Series, the team went on to win later on.