Amber Heard could be arrested for falsifying evidence against his Wife


The star of the Aquaman, Amber Heardyou can end up facing jail time if found guilty of falsifying evidence against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

The intense drama surrounding the legal battle between Depp and Heard it all started when the actress had claimed that she was being abused physically and verbally throughout the marriage is of short duration, for the same reason. Now, the Wife is suing for libel because of allegations of sexual abuse.

A new report from the International Business Times it reveals that, Heard it can take up to three years in prison if he is found liable for manipulating the evidence against the Wife. The constraint set for the Heard, it claimed that it would have been with two eyes to be bruised by the assault; however, a document from the court, the stylist for the actress Samantha McMillen, has claimed that she didn’t have any bruising at that time.

During the 16th December 2015 at the latest, so I could clearly see that Amber Heard did not present visible marks, bruises, cuts, or wounds on the face or any other part of the body.

For the time being, the process is still in progress, so new information continues to arise over the next few months.